Anaheim Resort Visitor Growth Off To Strong Start In 2018

Anaheim Resort AB feat

The most recent Anaheim visitor statistics from Visit Anaheim show the Resort District is off to a strong start in 2018, with visitor volume and spend pacing ahead of 2017.

An estimated 1.8 million visitors came to Anaheim in January 2018, representing a 4.8% increase over the previous year.  Visitor spending throughout Orange County pumped nearly $670 million to the local economy – a 7.5% increase in spending over January 2017.

These monthly visitor statistics illustrate the positive impact and opportunity tourism on Anaheim and the county as a whole – contrary to the claims of critics. Revenue generated from tourism leads to an increase in non-exportable jobs, small business success, and contributions to the city’s general fund that is funneled to police and fire departments, libraries and maintenance for local parks. Indeed, as a recent city budget workshop made clear, TOT revenue continues to rise, while sales and property tax revenues are flatlining.


  1. The author of this article has a hard time with his listening skills.

    No one opposes the resort. Lots of smart people oppose stupid public subsidies that do absolutely nothing.

    This article perfectly proves the critics’ point. The resort is doing just fine– ON ITS OWN.

    Public subsides are simply giveaways. They’re wrong, they aren’t supported by any data, yet still will be promoted as necessary by those getting paid to expouse them.

    • Listening is essential but so is business acumen and subject matter comprehension, which your post suggests is severely lacking. You had a chance here to show knowledge of a complex issue but instead, show ignorance possibly simpleton bias.

      You might or might not know The City of Anaheim is in a contractual relationship with various resort businesses, and Anaheim receives a significant amount of revenue from those entities, which benefits the city and all of us residents. Whether you or residents can see or appreciate those benefits or comprehend the revenue stream, depends significantly on an understanding of complex contractual relationships between large business and cities.

      Resort businesses are P&L driven, as well as the City of Anaheim is a P&L driven; both bodies give to get and or “keep” something valued in negotiations. As a retiring founder & CEO, watching ignorance using ‘giveaways” attack knowledge reflects your failing grade. Public subsidy or giveaways are when the government bails out an entity such as GM or Elon Musk’s companies to protect loses, or a higher bias purpose and gets little back to speak of. The City of Anaheim gets a great deal for its compromises and offerings.

      • What a bunch of nonsensical gobbledygook. All those words and nothing said.

        The issue on the table has nothing to do with P&Ls, revenue streams, or any other term you vaguely remember from Business 100. This is about graft.

        The city council has been complicit in bending and breaking tax laws to accommodate political donors in the resort area. This wanton favoritism often manifests as a subsidy enabling an obvious business decision.

        The city receives nothing in exchange from giving away tax dollars to enable development or growth that otherwise already justifies private investment, hence the term giveaway.

        Go pander your financial illiteracy elsewhere.

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