District 1: Denise Barnes Serves As Prop In Quirk-Silva & Josh Newman Political Production

Anaheim Insider here.

This was posted on Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva’s Facebook page last week:

Denise Barnes SQS Women of Distrinction

And there, front and center, is District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes – standing next to Sen. Josh Newman.

Remember, Quirk-Silva is the Democrat incumbent in Assembly District 65, which is a swing seat. And Democrat Newman represents Senate District 29, and is the target a June recall election over his vote for last year’s gas tax increase.

Did I mention that Barnes is a registered Republican?

Note the hyperlink in Quirk-Silva’s post to the Women’s Caucus of Democrats of North Orange County Facebook page – which published this scorcher saying there’s a “special place in hell” for Barnes’ fellow Republican woman, Young Kim:

Young Kim North OC Dems FB page

Does Barnes realize she’s allowing herself to be used by these Democratic politicians? One of them, Newman, is especially vulnerable and likely to go down in the recall. Both of them voted for the SB 1 gas tax and vehicle tax hike that is hurting Barnes’ constituents? Why participate as a political prop in this SQS-Newman re-election production?


  1. Last night, I attended a Community Meeting hosted by the city of Anaheim at the Brookhurst Community Center regarding the homeless issue. In attendance was County of Orange’s CEO Frank Kim.

    Councilmember Barnes was the last speaker, and asked for the West Anaheim station to be manned full time for the next 10 days or so. She also asked that one officer be pulled off the Honda Center traffic detail, but not realizing how the traffic enforcement detail works.

    All large venues in the city are responsible for the traffic created, and must provide for the needed traffic control.

    The law requires that official law enforcement must perform those duties on the public streets (the private parking lots can be staffed by their own employees) So the event operator (for example, The Ducks, the Angels, Disneyland and the Convention Center (while owned by the city, still is charged for bookkeeping purposes). pays all the costs for the police detail.

    To provide the officers, the city asks for volunteers from the police force to work those details after working their main job full time. Many officers are happy to do it, as they get overtime for the shifts. It does not remove any officer from the main duties, and the city doesn’t pay a dime of the costs. For example Disney pays many millions to the city each year for the officers needed. Disney also pays for 10 full time officers who work the Disneyland Resort, Disney also provides a sub-station on property for the officers to work.

    At the last council meeting, while discussing the funding of the ACC-OC, she sounded lost on the value and the mission of the organization in regards to the Homeless issue and the possible United Way public/private partnership, worth about $800 million.

    I truly hope that in November, we can get a better city council, and that someone can become Denise Barnes mentor for the next two years.

  2. Newman needs to be re-elected. Hopefully the recall does not go through

    • Larry you are wrong- VOTE NEWMAN OUT. No more gas tax and no more politicians that do not vote for what is best for the people they serve.

  3. Denise Barnes has done zero for anyone. She was only handpicked by visual Montgomery for Tom Tait to be a puppet, that is all she knows how to do. She is nothing more. She has never once stood up, spoke out and protected or defended her district in any way. Her husband often talks for her, and her rehearsed speeches are written by Tom Taits over paid assistant.

  4. Most folks expect Senator Newman to be recalled big time. At least Kevin Carr is running to replace him. But all the big money will be for Ling-Ling Chang, who will win with the most votes, but not a majority.

  5. Josh Newman vote Yes on the gas tax. Get him out.

  6. Josh Newman voted Yes on the gas tax. Get him out.

  7. Our neighborhood has completely lost trust in our city, council, our representation, the county, and all of the corrupt people who have allowed this to get dumped into the motels on Beach.

    We worked really, really hard to revitalize Beach Blvd with the Beach Blvd Specific Plan, which was not easy. As we watch Buena Park, Garden Grove and Stanton make changes, we have officially been set back decades with this.
    The motels have been owned by people who have historically proven to have had multiple code violations, endless history with police, crime, and repeat activity inconsistent with a what helps make a good neighbor. We are dumped on over and over and over and over in west Anaheim. And just when we were at the very beginning of getting some focus on this area, they did this to us. The motel owners do not care, it’s all about money, of course. But there really are some good people who live in these homes nearby, who actually care about district one, and one of them is me.

    It’s heartbreaking to see the distruction of my beloved community just unravel before my eyes, and I’ve cried many times over what I’ve seen.
    The bottom line is its unfair to concentrate the large amount of transients into an already struggling area. It’s illegal of the county to do it the way it was done, and mark my words, they will never leave.

    No matter how you word it, the motels are converted homeless shelters. The condition SART was left is the new motel strip on Beach.

    Remember me, and my warning words, this is just the beginning. This time next year, the transients will be at those motels, the city and county will still be making excuses, having meetings, and nothing will have changed.

    Our community has really list all hope, and we are just waving goodbye as our neighbors move. It’s just sad, and has left us all with such a bad taste in our mouth for trust in the people who should have protected this community.

    Those to blame are the county, the city council, the motel owners and the advocates themselves who are profiting from suing the county for them to stay. Those advocates do not live directly behind these motels. Their lawyers do not either. It’s comical watching how they dodge quesions, do not reply, lie or thank the advocates, it’s pathetic how uneven it is to the actual neighborhood and activists who try to better this community are ignored.

    We have endlessly repeated we have offered services, they refuse for whatever reason, it is not the motels job to house them, it’s unfortunate for their sutuation, but that’s the truth. If there was a distribution of transients, some with VERY long criminal histories, it was certainly not fair, west Anaheim received the majority. Maybe they should stay in the motels themselves. See how safe they feel.

    It’s beyond unfair, it’s corrupt.

    • Concerned: You are right. Our city representation only represent themselves. They have moved the problem not done anything to resolve it. This goes beyond Anaheim it is a problem that goes to Sacramento. Those that need help should get all they need. If they refuse help they should be dealt with according to our laws. Anaheim is awful and is going downhill fast. At the store yesterday, guy out front doing drugs right out in the open. People and the police see so numb. It appears like many haved given up. We cannot because we cannot depend on our leadership to carry on.

  8. Concerned is right the Tait, Moreno, and Barnes cabal is corrupt. They are trying to have their lackey interim CM Andal select the next police chief. She should go back to her previous position as city clerk with her staff of 5. The next, newly appointed city manager should pick the chief. I suspect Vanderbilt has seen the error of his ways and will do what is best for the city. Tait’s ideas are terrible and dangerous for the city. I think he and Moreno know the type of progressive candidates they want won’t fly with four of the current council. I think Tait knows Moreno and Barnes’ days are numbered. West end citizens got bamboozled with Barnes, start the recall.

  9. Political Puppet Definition: A politician who is controlled by another person. The controller (“puppeteer”) uses the puppet’s granted power to further their intentions.

    Political Sock Puppet Definition: Used to describe a person who has no original thoughts, opinions, or ideas of her own. Instead they regurgitate the talking points of another.

    I don’t know. I’m just saying…

    Source: See, Urban Dictionary. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Political%20puppet

  10. Yes, I know I’m right. Watch…this time next year, they will be there.
    The west side, district one has gotten much worse, much, much worse since 5 years ago. It’s like watching really bad business people trying to operate a business, they do not know how, they’ve made it worse, and it’s too late now.

    I’m telling you people, they ruined district one and any chance of success of its future.

    It’s over.

    I hope you are happy you voted Denise Barnes in. She’s a huge part of why we are here, like this today. She did nothing to help us. Except make Misal Montgomery (Tait aid) a huge wage increase.

    • Interesting how Barnes has flip flopped on her position in the Baymont. At the council meeting she praised the advocates for being boots on the ground and said how nice it was to see the homeless sitting outside the motels smoking.
      Then at the meeting with County CEO Kim, she begged the PD for more patrol on Beach while her husband expressed concern. Seems contradictory to me….

  11. I have no opinion on Denisie Barnes; I have heard she is not the brightest bulb in the pack, but that is for her represented district 1 to decide. What I do know is that Sharon Quirk=Silva is an outstanding representative for the area she represents. She is so much smarter, stronger and ever-present than Young Kim ever was. It’s too early to tell about Josh Newman. Give him a chance. Don’t blame the gas tax on him. If you disagree about the gas tax, work against that. I was a victim of the recall scam and was approached to sign a recall petition to get rid of the gas tax when it turned out to be a recall of Josh Newman. Very upsetting for me and unfair on so many levels.

  12. Sp, you are 100% right.
    At the previous meeting after the public speakers, she thanked the advocates, said we are blessed, and is happy to see the transients outside smokung. Look it up, its on video…., look it up!
    What did she do to help us? This is her district, She waited until she was called out on it, to express the need for police. It’s too late, it’s irresponsible to have waited till they dumped the majority of transients into our area and turning it into the new skid row.

    They knew this was going to happen,
    Trust me.
    They knew.

    Maybe not Denise, she isn’t involved enough, but this was so predictable.

    AND ITS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Good grief. You’d think Anaheim would have better things than whose Facebook has what.

    This site is nothing more than a gossip mill for the want-to-be-cool-kids.


    • I know, someone should tell Fred Whitaker.

      I have a feeling this would be “not well held.”

    • This article interests me because it is another example of a choice being made by a “leader” representing Anaheim. This leader votes and makes decisions that affect me and the city I live in. And when I say, “another example” I mean just that yet “another example”.

      Denise Barnes is a public figure and we whom she governs with her votes are entitled to know what she does in the public when she is representing the city of Anaheim. When she appears at these events she is not going as an individual, but she identifies herself as a council person for The City of Anaheim.

      Before critiquing this blog by making a comment like the one you have made try posting something like that statement on one of the other blogs (one of who’s author appears in this post). You may find, like I have, that comments attacking the article, or the author are censored and would not appear in other blog if no approved by the blog’s editors. That to me shows the difference between a good blog and a not so good blog. This is a good blog. Freedom of Speech Rock! Blogs that censor comments don’t!

  14. Then why are you reading it

    • Good question. I often click on FOX News just to see what people I usually disagree with are saying. Now and then I’ll learn something there, OR here.

      But it still doesn’t mean a lot of it isn’t silly, or wrong.

  15. Stand For Anaheim

    Wait…didn’t Sharon say she opposes changes to Prop 13? And she panders to Barnes who abstains to support prop 13? This is bad for Sharon…..

  16. Re: district 1 representation and the West Anaheim transients taking over beach blvd:

    Where has our representation been?

    Ecologically, SART has been ruined,, and 3 inches of soil needs to be removed, this after the thousands of needles and tons of feces and debris were removed first. The list of ecological results from the transients inhabiting the trail is very, very long.

    I appreciate every service and organization who reached out to every transient in SART, but those who refused help, chose the 30 day vouchers for obvious reasons. It was not because they were not offered services. The motels took a huge majority of the transients, from all over, some who were not even from SART, but claimed the vouchers anyways.

    The transients were invited by the county for a six month lease, which cost 1.7 million dollars to stay. The greedy motel owners took that, knowing they were getting more money than its worth. Other motels were involved. The transients get tenant rights after 28 days and squatting was an obvious outcome.
    This has absolutely nothing to do with sympathy. The rights of homeowners who live directly behind the motels and the Beach Blvd Specific plan to revitalize beach blvd have been greatly affected.

    The rights of residents and tax payers were taken away when we’re we not involved in the decision to house them at the motels.
    Personally, my home safety is priority over the transients. Some of them having very serious criminal histories, some very well known repeat offenders. It’s dangerous. And it was not helping the transients allowing them free reign in SART either. That area is not a campground.

    The transients need to go somewhere, Irvine has the room, and having been neglected by our district 1 reoresentative, and council, we got a disproportionate of them. Irvine needs to share the load to be fair. Our community has been lowered in terms of value, and most importantly our safety.

    What we deserve is to be safe and the county to be fair. The obvious decision would be to build in an area a place for the transients until this is resolved, and I believe that is Irvine. They have room, as we do not. They do not deserve to say no when we were not given a chance to.

    I do not want them back at SART, as the neighbors behind SART were victimized greatly, and the condition left by the transients proves to have ecologically affected SART. We do not want them at our motels on beach, that is illegally converting “motels” into homeless shelters without protocol, transparency, or notice to the community.

    This is not judge Carters fault the county is 100% behind the money to pay off the motels, and the stealing of funds that were stashed away for years that were meant to focus on this epidemic. They have the money, those in management have large incomes and benefits, yet we, pay the price.

    I personally would love to see Carter insist on the immediate removal of the transients from all motels and shelter them in Irvine, in a controlled setting on land that is vacant and available as we speak.

    Thank you.

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