DA’s Race: Spitzer Outraises Rackauckas While Murdock Can’t Pay Registrar of Voters

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In the race for Orange County District Attorney, Supervisor Todd Spitzer (R-Orange) raised $103,953 more than incumbent District Attorney Tony Rackauckas (R-San Clemente) did in the second half of 2017, according to campaign finance reports filed last week.  During the second half of 2017, Spitzer raised $234,077 while Rackauckas raised $130,124.  In the first half of 2017, Rackauckas raised $195,300; Spitzer did not have a DA account yet, but raised $273,284 into his Supervisor account during that time.  When Spitzer closed his Supervisor account, he also transferred $1,272,559 to his DA account.

Rackauckas spent $178,606 while Spitzer spent $139,233 on the DA’s race.  This leaves Rackauckas with $209,513 cash on hand and Spitzer with $1,367,403 cash on hand, or $1,364,903 cash on hand after accounting for one $2,500 unpaid bill.

Former Mayor Brett Murdock (D-Brea) raised 3% of what Rackauckas did and 2% of what Spitzer did.  Additionally, Murdock had no funds raised in prior periods, leaving him even further behind Rackauckas and Spitzer.  With $3,848, Murdock will need to spend $2,680 to pay the DA candidate filing fee to the Registrar of Voters, leaving him with $1,168.  Unfortunately for Murdock, the ballot statement payable to the Registrar of Voters costs $15,536.  In other words, as of the end of 2017, Murdock’s $3,848 cash on hand was only 21% of the $18,216 he needs to pay the Registrar of Voters by March 9.

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  1. Yeah but what Todd and Tony, don’t realize is Murdock has a SECRET WEAPON: Greg Diamond.

    18 registered voters read Greg’s blog last year. That’s 16 more than then my wife and I will dine with on Wednesday, February 14, Valentines day!!!!

    Brett Murdock, hit Tony with a low pitch FASTBALL the other day, according to Greg.

  2. If Murdock hit Tony Rack with a pitch, Tony goes to First Base. It’s a simple game with simple rules.

    • Speaking of baseball, when are the Angels moving?

      • If I were Arte Moreno, I’d be talking to Carson CA and that spot that the Chargers and Raiders were going to build a stadium on. Great Freeway access, closer to LA. Environmental tests were already done.

        • You are being ridiculed, Dan. The Angels are not leaving.

          • Vern. Ask your sugar daddy Tom Tait which clause the Angels can use to break the lease when the homeless camp remains. I know which one. And they can SUE Anaheim.

          • one of the oldest parks in the majors…..and I don’t see them leaving soon but I addressed what I’d do if I were Arte. And I would check out Carson yesterday. But’s not like you’ve been to the stadium for a game in a while right?

        • You haven’t been paying attention have you? Moreno only has one of the three years left Brandman Murray and Kring gave him for free. Then the escape clause closes and we get the LA Angels deferred maintenance and .500 records until 2027.

  3. It will be interesting to see how much of a hit if any Tony R took from the jailhouse informant issue vs. Spitzer’s Wahoo, citizen ‘s handcuff and arrest issue. I am thinking the jailhouse issue was more public and was in the news longer but not sure.

    As for Mr. Diamond he still has time to enter the DA race again this year although as I recall he did that because no one else was running and now we have multiple candidates.

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