Former Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu Raises $284,000 for Mayoral Bid

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Former Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu reported raising $284,240 during the last half of 2017 – a combination of $184,240 in individual monetary (and non-monetary) contributions and a $100,000 personal loan. He has spent 21,703.33 and has cash-on-hand of $265,171.57.

Sidhu’s contributions came primarily from Anaheim residents and businesses, industry and political associations, and Indian-American business owners.

Sidhu, a Republican, and first-time candidate Ashleigh Aitken are the clear fund-raising leaders for mayor; the Democrat attorney and Anaheim Hills resident has raised $379,701 since entering the race in June, primarily from attorneys and unions.

The chart below presents the fundraising numbers for the official candidates for mayor of Anaheim:

Mayoral fundrasing 2017 AB





  1. Some Dude in Anaheim

    Has Anaheim Police Association endorsed Sidhu? I saw an advertisement of him with some individuals in cop-like uniforms talking to him.

    Usually that means that the APA has endorsed a candidate.

  2. Dang…that is some serious money ($284K). At first, I thought Sidhu might regret not running for council in District 6 but wow I guess not. Can you imagine that kind of money in a City Council District election? (See Trevor O Neal-District 6 ($55K). Plus Mr. Sidhu has some decent endorsements. As for his Anaheim endorsements he has Gail Eastman and Shirley McCracken; but so far no Kris Murray or Lucille Kring). He is clearly the Republican front runner for now in a Republican town even though Ashley Aitkin has more money at $355K.

    I wonder if there is someone else who might jump in this race? If not I could see Disney hedging their bets and backing both Sidhu and Aitkin. But no Cynthia Ward yet? If that last poll we talked about was a Tait backed Abrahamson money poll (the one with Pettibone, Chuchua and Gillespie) and it had Ward’s name all in it then you would think if the results came back good we would see Ward running for Mayor by now. Which raises a question for me as to who Tom Tait is going to endorse for Mayor (or for that matter District 2, 3 and 6).

    I think Mayor Tait and Sidhu were on the Council together and they are both Republicans. But as some have pointed out in this blog Mayor Tait has endorsed a democrat in the past i.e. Jose Moreno. If I recall it was Mayor Tait who nominated Ashley Aitkin’s father Wiley Aitkin to head the negotiations with the Los Angeles Angels to replace Charles Black. If that is correct and I am not sure if it was Tait then that establishes a relationship. I am speculating here for sure but if Wiley Aitkin did Mayor Tait a favor, given what was going on with the Angels at that time, then maybe Tait will endorse his daughter Ashley Aitkin. By why no endorsement yet?

    As to District 6 where Tait will be living as a citizen after 2018 I am betting he does not endorse the retired fire fighter, Anaheim Buzz admin Sergio Gonzales who is endorsed by Kris Murray. So that leaves Trevor O Neal (Republican) and Grant Henninger (Democrat). Still no James Vanderbilt or Jordon Brandman in District 2 yet as far as I can tell. District 3 Jose Moreno will clearly get Tait’s endorsement I would think but I am not sure who is running against Jose Moreno unless that retired police officer moves over there or the other Jose Moreno makes another appearance. There is no way the powers that be are going to let Moreno walk away with District 3 without a fight.

    With Harry Sidhu and Ashley Aitkin breaking out from the pack and with these other three districts determining the majority it could be an exciting election year. Go Anaheim!

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