Bob Huff, Shawn Nelson Jump In To Race To Succeed Ed Royce

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Retired and termed-out politicians are responding to Rep. Ed Royce’s retirement announcement like cats to cat-nip.

The latest to jump into the fray are Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson and former state Senator Bob Huff. They join former Assemblywoman Young Kim – who has been endorsed by Royce – and politically unknown La Mirada Councilman Andrew Sarega.

Nelson is facing being forced from elective office at the end of the year by term limits. He had been hunting for a Superior Court seat in which to run, but even then he might have to share the ballot with an assistant district attorney – and candidates with that ballot title are difficult to defeat. The 4th Supervisor District – which Nelson has represented since 2010 – covers much of CD49. Nelson also has roots in the district, having served as a Fullerton City Councilmember before moving up to the Board of Supervisors.

Former Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff was termed out in 2016 and was defeated in his bid for the LA County Board of Supervisors. It’s a good bet he will again be the target of independent expenditures funded by savings and loan heir Howard Ahmanson, who holds a grudge against Huff for his support for redevelopment.

Rep. Mimi Walters Endorses Young Kim
Young Kim’s campaign announced she has been endorsed by a member of the OC congressional delegation who is not retiring: Rep. Mimi Walters.

“Young Kim will provide the people of the 39th district the same brand of energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated representation they have grown accustomed to with Ed Royce,” said Walters. “Young knows the district and the issues and she knows how to put together a winning campaign.”

Stay tuned…

Stay tuned…


  1. Great now we add pompous and who to the list. Beginning to sound like who’s on first. Be ready for a boatload of mailers. This election will keep the post office in business.

  2. Given derogatory effects that come with Orange County’s termed-out and prevailing concern over possible grabs by career politicians, any reasoning mind still appreciates it’s a good thing to have an undetermined number of fishies jumping at opportunities, as opposed to no fishes at all.

    Yep, it results in difficult choices that can only be met by responsible citizens shouldering the burden of due diligence; with any luck before hooking onto any jumping fishy. What’s the underlying larger problem though? Getting citizens to see we all have a civic responsibility of due diligence before hooking any fish.

    We must know what we do not want before we can determine what we need in leadership. We do not want professionals seeking to advance political careers. They are the fishes that come with political ties that feed deep pockets, debts to be collected and underlying agendas; yet that’s often what we get. Shouldn’t our goal be finding new fishies that seek to civically serve and leave when “accomplished”? And I do mean accomplished. Parties aside, and always the case, everyone wants new fishies a jumping. Unfortunately attempting to reel in new fishes to Orange County’s shark-infested political waters is the other great challenge. One that often leads to losing new fishies to brutally rough waters and shark appetites.

    Nonetheless facing our pollical reality bites, so perhaps it’s best to look at the glass with two views. It’s both, half full and half empty, thus a more realistic or maybe moderate perspective, that reaches more new fishies and supporters, pluse extremes in either direction serve a limited few. Once more, wisely choose your fish. It’s shown to be very difficult to rid sharks from the waters once they win the lead.

    • Tait turned this city into a !!!!hole!

      • Only a six-year resident, so comparatively new to Anaheim City and its civic issues. Though Mayor Tait has at times shown inadequate judgment and not nearly the achievement or proper infrastructure support that many of us would like to see; his lack of achievement and short-comings haven’t had enough influence to go as far as your remark suggests; least from where I sit. Other than some troubled areas and social issues, which many cities cope with, Anaheim IS still a GREAT city.

        Having said that, elections are just around the corner. Take a hard look at J.Mac for Mayor. I know the man. What got my attention and support was his long history of applaudable volunteer civic service and Anaheim Boy’s & Girl’s club support & leadership, plus he’s a local business owner. He want’s to make Anaheim City even better than it already is, for its culturally diverse residents and business leaders. It’s time for a leader that brings common sense judgment, compassion, and P&L experience. Help us improve on a great city by electing J.Mac for Mayor.

  3. Angry District 4 Person

    Unbelievable: Personal matters can’t wait until the meeting is over? The only reason to be not completely focused on the testimony of someone before you, that you are paid to serve, is AN EMERGENCY.

    • That would be a reasonable statement if meetings lasted a reasonable time. However, when meetings last 9+ hours?
      Also, aides go back into the conf room and speak to the council members. Should we ban this too? They are ADULTS. Treat them as such.

  4. “…who holds a grudge against Huff for his support for redevelopment.”

    You mean for his die-hard support of crony capitalism. Go Howard!

  5. Angry District 4 Person

    Take breaks, shorten meetings but pay attention when before the public they are paid to serve.

  6. If a cell phone is used during a meeting doesn’t the communication become public record?

  7. Who is running against jose moreno?

  8. Angry District 5 Person

    @Anaheim – There are rumors and rumors of rumors. However, we won’t know for certain until someone actually pulls the papers. I suspect we’ll find out in the next few weeks.

    Anyone interested will need to either do the deed or extricate themselves from the pot in order to have time for fundraising and gathering of endorsements.

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