City Council To Weigh Homeless Working Group Recommendations On December 5 (Part 1)

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On Tuesday, the Anaheim City Council will consider recommendations developed by Councilman Jose F. Moreno’s Homeless Policy Working Group – including embracing a “Housing First” policy; support for installing portable bathrooms and showers for homeless camp residents; building more year-round emergency shelters and other formalized living arrangements f0r the homeless on city-owned land; and exploring revenues streams – including taxes and fees – to sustain homeless service efforts.

A recommendation that the city “explore” adopting a rent “stabilization” ordinance did not make the final cut, despite a strong pitch by Councilman Moreno.

Click here to read the working group’s recommendations, which were finalized when working group members voted on each recommendation at their last meeting on November 3.

The working group met eleven times between July and November. Its membership was initially dominated by homeless advocates, including Eve Garrow of the ACLU – which is responsible for the judicially-created safe zone that prevents the effective enforcement of anti-campaign laws on the Santa Ana River Trail between Ball Road and I-5 Freeway. The committee was soon broadened at the request of other councilmembers.

“Housing First”?
The underlying idea of “Housing First” is that the homeless should be immediately and directly placed into “permanent supportive housing” with “wraparound services – even if they haven’t overcome or begun dealing with issues such as drug or alcohol addiction that are the proximate cause of their homelessness. Supporters says the odds of achieving self-reliance and sobriety are greater when a homeless person is in an apartment than in a tent. They’re critical of the traditional idea that individuals overcoming self-destructive behaviors, learning to follow rules and achieving some measure of self-reliance are necessary to succeed in independent living.

Housing First” also depends upon the availability of housing that is affordable.

For months, homeless advocates – several of whom are members of the working group – have spoken at every city council meeting declaring that Housing First is the only way to end homelessness. They contend it is a matter of forcing the County of Orange to taking  the hundreds of millions in federal funds it is husbanding and spending it to house the homeless.

Housing First advocates are generally hostile to the idea of transitional shelters such as

Portable Showers and Bathrooms
The working group voted to “encourage the Council to support efforts for basic sanitation needs” of the homeless and “strong consideration for appropriate locations.” In plain English, this means installing portable showers and bathrooms for use by transients living in homeless encampments.

Earlier this year, Councilman Moreno unsuccessfully sought city council support for homeless advocate Mohammed Aly’s effort to install porta-potties at the Rampart Street encampment. Moreno’s proposal met with strong opposition from residents who validly contended such measures make the encampments more permanent.

At the November 3 meeting, Councilman James Vanderbilt’s aide Helen Myers expressed his reservations about this recommendation, stating it is not the city’s responsibility, especially since the homeless aren’t necessarily Anaheim residents.

More responded that “If the county said we would like to put some portable restrooms and portable showers in unincorporated Anaheim ,would the council then say ‘No, you will not do that’? So, we would be recommending to the council that we should be supporting of efforts to provide basic sanitation, if it was needed. So again, the latitude for the council to support efforts or if it wanted to initiate efforts, the council would presumably vote on that.”

Either way, the working group wants the city council, as a matter of policy, to support installing portable showers and bathrooms at homeless camps.

Rent Stablization?
At it’s October 20 meeting, the working group adopted a draft recommendation that the city council “Explore and evaluate rent stabilization efforts and/or policies for the City of Anaheim.”

Rent stabilization is a form of rent control. Generally speaking, rent stabilization ordinances caps how much landlords can raise rents, and places limits the rights of property owners in terms of operating their apartments.

District 1 Councilwoman Denise Barnes raised the topic at the October 20 meeting. Eve Garrow from the ACLU signaled their support for a rent stabilization ordinance and urged its inclusion in the working group’s recommendations.

According to the meeting minutes:

Council Member Barnes suggested they need to evaluate the model of rent stabilization. She clarified she is not going to say rent control. She thinks this is something that has to be stabilized until they get over the hump, which is more housing, and more wrap-around services that will help move faster than the rent.

Moreno proposed including the recommendation for the council to “examine and evaluate rent stabilization,” saying (according to the minutes) that “you have to slow the train down while they are trying to figure out the current context of homelessness.” Moreno asked if anyone objected, and none are recorded in the minutes.

When the working group re-convened on November 3, several representatives of the apartment and building industries spoke against inclusion of the rent stablization recommendation, given its demonstrated failure as a policy to increase the affordable housing stock (among its other defects).

Vanderbilt aide Helen Myers voiced her councilmember’s opposition to the recommendation.

Barnes herself was singing a different tune, reading from a prepared statement in which she recanted her support for prompting the council to evaluate rent stabilization.

Councilman Moreno responded with a plea for exploration of a rent stabilization policy:

“Rent stabilization could be a cap on rents, it could be the city taking a position through its housing program on what kind of rents we offer through our city housing or to develop city housing. It could discuss ways to engage with the private sector on ways to reduce fees to allow rents to be more stabilized. There’s a lot of ways to stabilize rents, and it’s unfortunate that we can’t simply have a conversation and encourage our city council to have a conversation.

The reason I support this is we’ve been meeting now with residents throughout our district, throughout the city, whose rents are being raised by $300 to $500, and the association doesn’t seem to be able to control that. And as a result, there’s a potential in parts of my district, of 50 residents, in about 3 weeks, will no longer be able to afford their apartment because it’s going from about $1,050 to $1,400, because that’s what the market says that owner can get for their apartments. I don’t begrudge the apartment owners wanting to increase their profitability to sustain their own lives – it is an investment by them – but I am concerned as it matters to homelessness. We know that the UCI report said that 40% of homelessness in the county is a function of economics – most cannot afford a place to live. We have testimony from Angel Mayfield who is part of a collaborative group on the riverbed who shared with us that her two jobs that allow her to rent a studio apartment and also sustain transportation to keep those jobs.

So I think for me, if we recognize that wages have stagnated, and the data is very clear, but rents keep going up – something has to happen. So to ignore the economics of housing in our recommendations, I think, frankly, kind of ignores half the problem.

So I would urge the panel to please reconsider and please do not fall for the notion that this is somehow gonna divert. It doesn’t. This is the essence of what we’re seeing in Orange County. Folks can’t afford a place to live, so they end up doubling up in another family’s unit. The association will then be asked by councils across the county to enforce housing rules and regulations – code enforcement – you can’t have three families in a one bedroom apartment. Now those two extra families have nowhere to go.They end up on the streets. So for us to ignore this as an issue I think would not do justice to the issue let alone for the councils – to not allow our council to not have to engage the conversation would not be in the best interest of this issue.”

Captain Eric Carter of the Anaheim Police Department expressed his view this was extraneous to the working group’s mission and that it is “ignoring economic as a whole if you don’t let the market do what the market does.”

Moreno responded: “Right, and what the market has done is it’s contributing – it’s not solely responsible, but its contributing.”

In the end, a majority of the working group agreed with Carter and the recommendation was left out.

“Homeless” Taxes and Fees?
Another draft recommendation from the October 20 working group meeting was for the city council to examine taxes and fees to fund homelessness efforts.

Moreno’s take was this didn’t necessarily mean imposing a new tax (a la the sales tax hike approved by LA voters to fund homeless services), but could also entail examining existing taxes and fees for possible re-allocation as funding streams for city homeless initiatives.

This is in line with Moreno’s efforts to re-negotiate the city’s economic assistance agreements with 4-Diamond hotel developers, or re-direct Anaheim Tourism Improvement District finding.

Ultimately, the working group opted to subsume the tax and fee recommendation into another, broader recommendation to look for dedicated funding streams.

More to come in Part 2


  1. Moreno’s ideas will never work apparently he hasn’t be paying attention as to what is happening to the responses to help these people.They can’t pay rent Moreno is an idiot The encampment is growing larger in the last few months. We need to move the stuff off the riverbed.

  2. Still waiting to hear about the 2500 beds that are available and why they are not being used. This was announced at a meeting a couple of months ago. And I hear crickets chirping regarding the response to where they are, why they are not being used and when were they available?

  3. Another working group, hey, City Manager, Moreno. Have you come to your senses and realized that City Councilwoman Murray, obliged by the cities leadership, to take-on a Goliath without a slingshot, only to be left on her own, to deconstruct and tactically disperse the badlands of dope, jailbirds, thieves and hobos, was a serious error in judgement? I suppose your new working-group, Housing First, will come up with a goof proof paradigm adjustment, to do what all the other working groups faild to construct. The good folks paying your salary would flip if they only they believed you possessed the gusto and hart to actually get something done on their behalf.

    And where is the study that claims hygiene and sanitation facilities only serve to tether tighter an indigent group to a space of occupation? As with a stubborn wing-nut, if it won’t budge by hand pressure alone, what is the next step? Put a pair of pliers to it and squeeze and turn until it breaks loose. The same approach applies to the encampments, one must muster enough torque to budge a bunch of homeless wing-nuts off the riverbanks. Until then, without a source of potable water to wash and bath in and a means to contain the hazards of open sewage, the entire territory, to include the residents, police officers and city workers within a frogs hair of the area, are in the line-of-fire of any breakout of disease, or worse yet, contamination caused to entire Distrects by panhandling and other random means of contact. We could become a population of potential time-bombs of life threatening illness, or worse. Who in their right mind would discourage the implantation of decease control protocols? Does anyone have the nutzticals to holler
    “the Buck Stops With Me”!

    Lastly, The Head Mother Chicken In Charge, whom ever that may be, is not some figurehead, voted into a position as president of the city, the HMCIC severs in the capacity of a Chief Operating Officer, saddled with the authority and accountability to make good things happen, and to carry the burden of expeditiously correcting the things that go south. If the Martians don’t land or a nor’easter doesn’t blow in, a fleet of bright, shiny and completely competent troubleshooters will converge on Anaheim will create the conditions to return her back into Southern California’s all inclusive “come to city”. Yippee!

  4. Why did you vote Moreno in? He is making Anaheim WORSE.

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!?


  5. Please send this important posting to KFI and the Register. We need to bring this issue out to the forefront again. Please. The only way the residents will get relief is to have this story negatively impact the council via the media. The council has heard overwhelmingly from the city’s residents and should know from the signatures collected how we feel. The signatures were collected quickly too. If we need more we will get more. I hear their is a petition being started to oust jose moreno as we speak. Councilman Faesell sp knows how his district feels, and cares. I refuse to let jose moreno or any of his posse use one more cent of my money to fund his agenda. The homeless have proven they only want what they want and it is not help. The ratio of those refusing help supports this. The data supports these assertions.

    These taxation ideas smell like Jerry Brown’s political ideology. Anaheim is a sanctuary city. Tax the public and make them pay for the kindness to all. It must be told how this is happening. It must be told how the homeless task force led by jose moreno stacked the deck with their ideology sympathizers. We need to stand together to prevent Anaheim from going completely down the drain, and believe me we are circling.

    Please alert the media Anaheim Blog, we need you to.

  6. jose moreno is out for jose moreno. He is awful for Anaheim. Their is a recall forming to get him out. His district voted him in. We need to send a message to each of our district representation ( council member) that we are NOT in favor of the recommendations they present. Our leaders should hear us and listen or they to will not be supported by us again. We should make sure they represent the people’s wishes or they will not represent us.

    No taxation to pay for their agenda. We will not pay for something we do not want/subscribe to. jose is a egotistical megalomaniac.

    • Too late for a recall. But due to luck of the draw, Councilmember Moreno only got a 2 year term. So his seat is on the November, 2018 ballot already. You can presume he will run for re-election, so take the time and money needed for a recall and use it to support another candidate and/or run Anti-Moreno ads for the election.

      Hopefully a new Mayor, a new councilmember for let alone district 3, but also 2 and 6 will bring more common sense and stability to the council, plus a better working environment for city staff.

      • David Micheal: Good Points! I will pass on your points to the individual talking recall. I heard that moreno actually wants to run for mayor. I pray we get a new mayor and council members that leads Anaheim in a different direction.

      • “…bring more common sense and stability to the council”

        I think you really mean crony Capitalism, don’t you? Open your heart to Kindness. it goes a long way!

  7. Click on the recommendations and see what this group wants to do to Anaheim. Use our money to pay for those that currently refuse help. Change our zoning laws and control rent and build dorm housing to further our descent into a slum. This is the same group that one member likened the homeless issue to the Holocaust.

    I hope they were not compensated for this bs

  8. When will people get a clue? We can have feel good meetings, commissions, committees and the situation will rrmain the same. Unfortunately there will always be a homeless situation . Yep, politically incorrect to state. There are folks that will not comply with rules, regulations etc. You can talk about housing, nope not in my backyard. You can talk about drug rehab, nope not for me. You can talk about prison. Nope, not a crime to be homeless. You can talk about services, rejected by most of the folks. How about no check unless you are offering services? Clean the streets. Pick up litter, paint out graffiti, if they refuse, no checks from government. If they are criminals, jail. If they do not live in area, buy them a one way ticket and put yhrm on s bus back. None of these are politically correct, so find an answer. Are not many are there?

  9. Larry: I believe we need to stand by our laws and enforce them. If they are homeless and need help, give them the help they need. If they refuse it then we enforce our laws. If our laws are not enforced how can we expect anyone to respect them?

  10. West side resident

    And in the riverbed underground bunker where the transients hid 1,000 stolen bikes and weapons was not enough for them. Now Moreno wants to gives them portable bathrooms, so they can pee in private, between crimes. His idea is so absurd, they are not requiring ANYONE to even remotely sober up! just get rewarded with tiny homes. House them when they have refused ANY help before shows they are manipulating the city, and getting everything they want. Talk about criminal activity.

    Thank Jose Moreno. Hr needs to be educated on what’s happening in reality. He doesn’t have a CLUE.

  11. jose moreno has heard all this before. He refuses to listen to anyone other than himself. He is such a bombastic meglamainiac.

    We all need to call/write our district council member and let them know how we feel and how we will vote if we are not represented.

    Why would those living on the riverbed ever want to leave if we make it easier for them to stay?

    This homeless task force was not objectively formed. There is not equal representation for all parties. jose moreno once again has stacked the deck in his favor. He truly believes we are not smart enough to see or too beaten down to react.

    We must prove him wrong. We must get him and his posse out of our city politics and out of our schools. The jig is up jose.

  12. Why is the blog so focused on politicizing the homeless issue, almost to the exclusion of anything else.

    It’s really pretty low.

  13. Because? Have you seen the river bed? Have you seen the signatures collected from those living near the river bed, business’ operating near the river bed, those wanting to use the river bed, those wanting to have a safe clean city? It has long been a very unsafe area that has rendered pubic city land virtually unusable. The homeless task force that is comprised mainly of those favoring jose moreno’s viewpoints is due to present their findings and make their recommendations. Read the article on this site and click on their recommendation document. We will have to pay for showers/toilets among other things, for people who mostly REFUSE help. Have you heard the stories of crimes and fear of those living near encampments? It is a topic because finally it was so serious that Anaheim declared it a state of emergency. Look at the article done here that shows the BUNKER OF STOLEN BIKES AND A GUN WITH BULLETS FOUND.

    Soft on criminals expect crime. Soft on illegal camping and expect illegal campers.
    Help those needing help and deal with those refusing help according to the law.

    This blog is bringing to light an issue that is very serious and has long been tolerated by our officials. This blog’s representation of the facts in regard to this issue has been an important factor towards relief for those begging for it.

    • Somebody put stolen bikes in a flood control channel tunnel.

      The only bunker around here is the the mental bunker of fear and paranoia driven by political interests. Sorry. No sale.

      • Warren: Are you saying those bikes were put there by someone unrelated to the homeless living there? To what political interests do you refer? Do you feel it is safe to walk on the river bed? Do you feel it is safe to walk or ride there with your family? Do you feel it is safe for those living around there or trying to conduct a business?

        Are you saying those living there have a right to just take public land? An overwhelming amount of those living on the river bed have REFUSED help. If they are refusing help are they not choosing to be homeless?

        This blog needs to continue to bring this issue out in front.

        • Just relax “Anaheim.” Living in fear will give you high blood pressure. No one is going to hurt you. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

          • Warren Higa: You are all sass and no substance. Who are you to tell me anything. i have grown up in Anaheim (you probably do not even live in Anaheim) and can state without a doubt Anaheim has never been worse off.

            Your commentary is nonsensical just like those you obviously follow. Keep following this Pied Piper we all know what happened to the rats that did.

            You are the definition of an asshat.

            • Warren Higa- What city do you live in?

              • I live very close to you. Or did. Or will.

                Just take a Xanax and chill, bro.’ The homeless aren’t coming for you or your bicycle.

                • Warren Higa lives in Denise Barnes’ neighborhood. He’s doing an excellent job of costing her votes in 2020.

                  • Well I guess you could retread Steve “Sucker Punch” Chavez and see if his wheels stay on this time around. Of course he would have to pretend to move back into that apartment again.

                    Denise is a kind, intelligent person. She’s a lock in 2020!

                    • This guy Warren Higa keeps saying we should “try kindness.” Why don’t you walk your own talk, Warren?

                    • “Intelligent”? Barnes sure hides it well. She’s incoherent whenever she isn’t reading from a prepared script someone has written for her. Face it: she’s Tom Tait’s ventriloquist dummy.

            • Try some of Mayor Tait’s kindness. You’ll like it. I promise.

              • warren higa: eat some more special gummy bears and then comment. The tait show’s time is running out and his majority is breaking up already. Faesell (sp) has enough of a moral compass to listen to the people he has been put in office to serve. barnes will not be re-elected she is an awful representation for her district. warren you need to color more in your City of Kindness coloring book and relax. The people on this blog and others may disagree about some aspects of political policy but do seem to agree on one thing= they all care deeply about all the people in Anaheim and the city itself. That is something you should meditate on: for the good of all people, not just those sharing your views only.

                You can not argue against respect of the law. It sets a good example for the young. It is good to have laws to depend on, yes to keep us safe. You are absolutely delusional if you think the SART is safe. It is not safe hygenically and it is not safe physically.





                You are unkind to not care enough about your fellow residents as to try and see where they are coming from or try to walk in their shoes.

                Most here are not against the homeless rather the oppostite. They want to give them a hand up, which is kind.

                • Relax, man. All that energy you direct toward anger (or pretending to be angry) could be put to productive use solving the alleged homeless crisis you seem so worried about.

                  Try some kindness. You’ll like it!

      • Warren do you live in Anaheim?

      • “Somebody”?

        “Somebody” stashed 1,000 bikes in a flood control tunnel between the major homeless encampments.

        And it seems the only person unable to grasp the clear implication is Warren, here.

        • It’s your implication, and it’s just a guess. I like facts, not wild assertions whose only purpose is to stir up the rubes.

          • warren higa you make no sense. No substance to your points you just ramble. blah blah blah try backing up a sensible point with substantiatible fact. Kindness goes both ways and should be kindness for all. Living near the SART is not safe and asking those living/working around there surely is NOT KIND. Kindness for all.

          • “It’s your implication, and it’s just a guess. I like facts, not wild assertions”

            You mean like your “guess” – your “wild assertion” unsupported by those “facts” you say you like – that the November WAND meeting was really an ambush being laid for Councilmember Barnes?

            A significant percentage of the SART encampment residents are criminals. That’s a fact. They steal bikes. Lots of bikes. That is a fact. Sheriff’s deputies find 1,000 stolen bikes secreted away in a flood control tunnel in-between major encampments, and you think it any connection to the transient camps is sheer speculation? That is foolishness and I doubt even you believe what you’re saying.

            • Well, gee. I could speculate that the bikes and the $1000 pistol were actually planted by deputy sheriffs in an attempt to incriminate the homeless and to gin up more support for the anti-homeless jihad you seem to be a willing part of.

              A guess is a guess. You don’t actually have a shred of evidence about who put those bikes got there do you? That’s what I believe.

              • You’re actually going to suggest the deputies planted 1,000 bikes? Even assuming the OCSD had the ability to do so while keep the effort a secret, what would by the point?

                Your comments have become beyond ridiculous.

              • Tell you what. Why don’t you go to the Anaheim City Council and spend 3 minutes during public comments telling your neighbors in West Anaheim that their complaints about homelessness are silly and mean-spirited.

            • And now you put me in “moderation” for calling you out? That’s not very kind.

              • No, Warren. I put you in moderation because you’re a comment spammer who’s just trying to be annoying and disruptive. There is hardly an intelligent thought in the 34 comments you have posted in three days. If you can manage even semi-serious, quasi-intelligent commentary, I might take you out of moderation.

  14. “Homeless Advocate.” These people WANT people to be homeless? Well, mission accomplished. Now what do they want? Always gimme, gimme, with no answers to the problem.

  15. Angry District 5 Person

    Over the past few months, Jose Moreno has attacked Stephen Faessel (District 5 Council Member) multiple times during City Council Meetings on Faessel’s stance towards regarding the Santa Ana River Trail encampments.

    Moreno essentially called Faessel a coward on two separate occasions because Faessel stated he would adhere to his voters’ wishes and not support the placement of porta-potties on city property.

    On another occasion Moreno taunted Faessel because Faessel demanded that Anaheim PD former chief Quezada finally get an enforcement agreement in place with the County of Orange Sheriff’s to address the criminal activity happening just behind and in the back yards of District 5 homeowners that lived along the River Trail. The lack of enforcement was due to the Sheriff Department shirking its responsibility to patrol the county owned property and Quezeda intentionally ignoring the issue over the previous couple of years.

    Every council meeting during public comments, Jose Moreno’s allies Mike and Jeanette Robbins, Wes Jones, Bryan Kay, Lou Noble, R. Joshua Collins, that kid with the video camera and eccentric hat collection and William Denis Fitzgerald accuse Faessel and the residents of District 5 of being nimby’s, bigots, haters, murderers, nazies and even whores.

    During that same period of time, a homeless encampment that sat on Jose Moreno’s District 3 boundary (91 Freeway and Harbor) began generating immense amounts of anger with District 3 residents.

    Moreno and his allies remained silent about the angered residents in Moreno’s district.

    Cal Trans and CHP were regularly called to the site to roust the homeless and send them elsewhere.

    Moreno and his allies continued to remain silent.

    After several days of having their encampments knocked down, the transients disappeared for good.

    Moreno and his allies continued to remain silent.

    Now, it was revealed in that those transients resettled in the Santa Ana River Trail bordering Faessel’s district.:

    Where was Moreno’s indignation of the treatment of the transients on his district’s border? Where were his allies accusations against the District 3 residents?

    How is it that Moreno gets to benefit from the homeless being pushed off his district’s borders and still get the homeless advocate seal of approval?

  16. Tense Tuesday…No win in this contest of promises!!
    No more taxes but where is the $$ gonna come from ???
    Pack the shelters and then what???
    Be honest…use the toilets/showers as carrots to move the herd where acceptable….by who???
    Keep forming groups…keep continuing the hard decisions…election time is around the corner …Sidhu has the answers…
    Hard but fair…like a business…decisive action…always gonna have a % “disappointed”…
    Welcome to LIFE…

    • Where does Harry Sidhu stand on this homeless issue? Where does he stand on opening parks to the homeless? Where does he stand on the camping on the river trail? Where does he stand when the homelesss won’t accept help, rather choose to stay on the SART? Where does he stand on enforcing our laws? Where does he stand on “welcoming city” status? Where does he stand on changing zoning? Where does he stand on the state of Anaheim?

      Where does he stand on anything? I don’t mean that to argue, I really want to do my due diligence before I hand over my vote. Anaheim is teetering right now thanks to the district division (which I thought would be good).

  17. Call your City Council representative and voice your concern. Email them too about our homeless task force. BASTA

  18. Ignoring for a moment that Jose Moreno lives in a $800,000 home in an upper middle class neighborhood, I would offer this in regard to the “Homeless” Taxes and Fees?” section: I AGREE. We should begin taxing the SART squatters!

    Last week, I saw County workers in a large stake bed truck filled with Orange trash bags, at least 100 of them. I am sure MY taxes paid for this and not the SART squatters. Why not legitimize them and start charging them a use fee? How does the good Dr. feel about that?

  19. I am a short-term rental owner in Anaheim. This same group of “advocates” pushed the council to ban us. When I have to shut down my rentals thanks to their ban, will they complain when I open up dormitory style housing for the homeless, as they recommend?

    • Funny that you mention that. Anaheim’s Great Bleeding Heart of Compassion, Mike Robbins, has been asked several times if we would support converting existing STRs into mini-homeless shelters.

      One would think Mike and his wife Jeannine would enthusiastically embrace that idea. After all, Mike constantly goes on about his overwhelming humanitarian concern for the homeless and compares those who disagree with him to Nazis and Klansmen.

      Strangely, Mike never responds. Apparently he doesn’t want the homeless in HIS neighborhood.

      • “Mike Robbins, has been asked several times if we would support converting existing STRs into mini-homeless shelters.”

        Hoo Boy! Really? You think that idiotic false choice is a substitute for “reasoned debate?”

        C’mon, you can do better than that!

        • I wouldn’t be so quick to call it a false choice. I have already started researching it for my properties.

        • Warren, you’ve been saying over and over that no one has anything to fear from the homeless; that no homeless person will steal anything from them. As someone who likes to talk about practicing kindness, can you give a straight yes-or-no answer to re-purposing STRs as mini-homeless shelters?

          If you’re truly sincere and not just being a general jackass, you would support this idea.

  20. Sorry to “Blog Whore” but the hit’s just keep on comin’

    Someone sent me a link:

    This is Anaheim Activist Nancy West’s (the creator of the incredibly impossible ALFRESCO GARDENS pipe dream) FACEBOOK PAGE. What, Ms. West is asking………$1050. for a 120 SQFT room in her house! Yeah Nancy, that’s affordable. These people are so FULL OF SH!T. Really. Take a look at Mark Daniels, Tim Houchen, the utterly SELFISH Robbin’s clan. Amazing stuff.

    Not so unbelievable though.

  21. whoiscater: Any of those you mention have not put up their houses but they can demand that others living near the SART or parks should live with it? What about jose moreno would he put them in his neighborhood, home or the park his kids play at? I think not. He didn’t fight as hard, as he is about the trail, to keep them in his district – WHY? Because it could cost him votes. He is all about himself. Too bad his district is on to him and don’t want his representation again. No to moreno, no to tait in any political office and no to barnes.

  22. warren higa: where do you live? People ask and you dont say, must not be Anaheim

  23. Anaheim I agree Warren Higa is an asshat

  24. warren higa still wont say what city you live in.

  25. Why don’t you stop living in fear of the rule of law.

    • Living in fear can destroy a person. Don’t fall for it! Be brave, my friend. The homeless are not going to steal your Schnauzer or your flat screen TV.

  26. Still no answer to what city you live in? Your drivel is boring.

    • Kindness knows no city boundaries. Like Christian charity it has no frontiers. Thanks to Mayor Tait for bringing it to Anaheim along with steady conservative principles!

  27. Check our moreno’s facebook – housing units and check out his explanation on how people become homeless. He is an expert?

    Jose F. Moreno
    3 hrs ·
    “The vast majority of homeless are U.S. citizens and long-term residents. In fact, most have lived here more than 10 years.
    The primary cause of being homeless is not alcohol and/or drugs, mental health or release from jail or prison. Rather, it is finding and keeping a job with a sustainable wage.”

    See Our Unique Solution To Ending Homelessness In Your City
    What are the true costs of homelessness to you and your city?
    Learn More

  28. West side resident

    Block Warren higa. What a clown.

  29. [Obscene, unbalanced, semi-threatening personal attack deleted]

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