Moreno Supports Boycott of Papa John’s Pizza – Which Has 3 Stores In Anaheim

On his Facebook page last month, District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno endorsed boycotting Papa John’s Pizza:

Moreno supporting Papa John Pizza boycott FB 10-15-17

“Hit haters in the wallet” exhorts the Vocal Progressives boycott post shared by Moreno – and hitting those haters includes the three Papa John’s Pizza stores in Anaheim.

Before moving to the identities of the “haters” who are allegedly exploiting their Anaheim employees, let’s review some pertinent realities. The Welcoming Anaheim program to make immigrants (especially Latinos and Muslim immigrants) “feel welcome” in Anaheim is Moreno’s brain child. It even proposes creating an “immigrant affairs coordinator” position at City Hall.

Moreno helped found the Muslim-Latino Collaborative OC to combat “divisive rhetoric.”

Speaking this week at the Hispanic Education Endowment Foundation banquet last week, Moreno said, “We must recognize the reason we need these scholarships for our students is too often our corporations do not  pay their workers enough to be able to afford to go to college.”

Also, earlier this year, Moreno co-sponsored an Anaheim Small Business Organization event on the critical importance of capital formation for small businesses. What boycott-supporter Moreno doesn’t seem to realize that even more important to small businesses are customers – and the purpose of boycotts is to deprive targeted businesses of customers.

So, who are the greedy “haters” whom Councilman Moreno favors hitting in the wallet? The co-owners of the three Papa John’s Pizza stores located in Anaheim are Amer Boukai and Fred Tarazi. Two of their stores are on the boundary of District 3.

Co-owner Amer Boukai is a successful businessman who is a founding board member of the Orange County Islamic Foundation, which provides religious, educational, and social services to the Muslim community. He is also a member of the board of trustees of UC Irvine Foundation.  Boukai’s other interests include increasing the supply of affordable housing.

Each year, the Boukai Family Foundation awards four $2,000 scholarships to UC Irvine students. The purpose of this scholarship program is to build on the values of faith, family, education and community giving and “advocate the importance of tolerance toward Islam and all forms of religions and faith traditions, and to serve to strengthen opportunities for future generations in Arab-American communities.”

The Boukai Family Foundation also contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations such as the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Islamic Relief USA, CAIR California, UNICEF, Hearts of Mercy Foundation, the Islamic Center of Southern California and the National Humane Education Society.

Apparently none of that matters because owners of Papa John’s Pizza stores like Boukai and Tarazi are – in the eyes of progressives like Moreno – greedy, exploitative businessmen.

It would seem that supporting a boycott of these small Anaheim businesses – two of them owned by a businessman of the Muslim faith – runs counter not only to the spirit and intent of Welcoming Anaheim, but to Moreno’s occasional professions of support for small business. Moreno endorses the progressive boycott’s cartoonish distortion of Papa John’s Pizza, which is belied by Boukai’s generous philanthropy.

This is a free country and Councilman Moreno is at liberty to support the causes of his choice. However, before lending his support for the Papa John’s Pizza boycott, it would have been prudent to reflect on the propriety of an Anaheim City Councilmember endorsing the boycott of Anaheim small businesses. Moreno defends his habit of pulling routine consent calendar items because he wants to get at the facts before making a decision. In this case, a concern for the facts would serve better than a knee-jerk ideological response.


  1. This kind of garbage coming from a councilman is disturbing. I don’t eat those pizza’s but I might NOW go try one. He is a huge NFL advertiser it has nothing to do with political misinformation.

  2. It seems boycotts are in the eye of the beholder. Grapes, at one time, were hugely boycotted. Subaru in Fullerton was being boycotted, Disney was boycotted. Do we boycott Chick fil a because their owner is very conservative. Although I love the idea that the restaurant is closed on Sundays. However, voices need to be heard and whether you support the National Anthem knee benders or not, they have a right to do so. Moreno, maybe out of line as a City Council person pushing for a boycott of local businesses but he has the right to do so. Just remember to vote. We also have a right. Use it wisely

  3. Don’t boycott Papa John’s for political reasons. Boycott it because it’s awful pizza. In Anaheim, get the pizza at the shop next to Cortina’s market on Orange Ave off Brookhurst. Amazing stuff.

    • Dan, “the shop next to Cortina’s market” would be called Cortina’s Restaurant or Cortina’s Pizza. Longtime Anaheim people, they also have a location in Orange. And for once we can agree on something, because everything made at Cortina’s is amazing.

  4. Boycott drug dealers in Anaheim!

  5. Who does jose moreno think he is? His time is limited, and I think he may know that so we all should watch what he pushes. I think he will try to do as much (damage) as he can, while he can.

    I was at a game and saw this: a man standing during the national anthem with his hat on. A wife of a nearby service man was nearby screaming across the aisle to take it off. It went on during the anthem and continued for some time. My father was a decorated veteran and I did not yell. The wife’s outburst was so loud and she was such a bully that I went over after the anthem and shook his hand and said I am sorry that happened to you, peace. He was so grateful and explained that he had simply forgotten and then did not want to be told by her so he just left his cap on. Some do not know what freedom really is, we are free to express ourselves is one component. He was free to leave his cap on, the players are free to kneel, Papa John is free to express his viewpoints and we are free to buy pizza. Personally, we should always respect the flag and change what we need to change within the system. United we Stand, One Nation.

    Where it turns for me is that an elected official is using his prominence this way. Jose Moreno is a divisive rabble rouser. He is not right for Anaheim. He speaks without doing his homework – dangerous. Who is he welcoming? He does not treat all people the same.

    • We need him out. But watch out for an all out blitz by the Matsuda, jabbar, and the rueles kiddie corps. Our school has gone to hell because all Matsuda cares about is protecting his fat paycheck.

    • Of course I meant his political time. He has been one of the worst people to represent Anaheim. EVER

  6. Meanwhile the President of his Latino/Chicano Democratic Club of which Dr. Moreno is a board member, has been accused of domestic abuse, animal cruelty and is a convicted multiple drunk driver.

    When asked for a comment, he refused.

    Julio Perez, a close Moreno ally is embroiled in a sexual harrasment scandal with a young female intern and Dr.. Moreno is silent.

    We all know about hos efforts to free is drunken, violent brother in law.

    It’s good to see Jose has his priorities straight.

  7. Some Daze are Diamonds

    Well boycott the businesses of Moreno supporters. What am I saying? Moreno supporters don’t own businesses

  8. Moreno and Tait have run this city into the ground. As Mayor, Tait appointed an incompetent and corrupt police chief to appease the criminal activist crowd. The city has gone through 5 city managers under his tenure and the current city manager is under qualified and has serious integrity issues for failing to disclose her relationship to the recently resigned police chief. Their idiotic kindness and welcoming initiatives have caused the explosion of homelessness in the city. These initiatives are naive and the silly dreams of progressives. Hopefully we the citizens of Anaheim will have solid candidates to vote for in 2018. Moreno and anyone endorsed by Tait need to be defeated.

  9. I have been boycotting Papa John’s ever since he came out against Obamacare. Used to buy it all the time, now haven’t touched it since 2008.

    Papa John’s further attempt to destroy our first amendment by silencing black athletes has furthered my ambition.

    • I boycotted Obamacare! Ever since he came out against Papa John’s. Never bought it. Wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Obama’s further attempt to destroy my right to freedom of choice by forcing me to buy a healthcare policy with skyrocketing premiums and deductibles has furthered my ambition.

  10. I need LIKE button for Some Daze.

  11. Not to beat a dead horse, but the HBSLEDGEHAMMER blog, just released court documents where in OC democrat central committee member Victor Valladares named Dr. Jose Moreno as a character witness in a custody battle.

    Valladares of, course is the two time convicted drunk driver and accused wife beater and deadbeat Dad, who has a long history of run-in’s with the law.

    I guess it’s good to stand up and shout out against sexual abuse and domestic violence………….unless of course, it’s a relative or a political ally!

    Jose Moreno is ALL ABOUT Jose Moreno.

  12. Whoiscater You should keep this in the news by updating.

  13. Citizens have the right to boycott a business because they don’t approve of how the business treats customers, pricing, etc.

    But citizens and city officials have NO rights regarding operational or P&L aspects of any business; that oversteps the boundaries of decorum and reason. To ensure the business’s profitable future, owners and corporate leaders MUST make prudent choices. Plus, America is a Supply & Demand, Capitalistic country. Last, I cannot approve the poor judgment of any city official publically supporting agendas of radical groups such as “Vocal Progressives” that see fit to attack people because of differences of opinion.

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