Radical Homeless Advocates Try To Silence Kris Murray With Bogus Allegations

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If you thought Anaheim City Council politics couldn’t become even more dysfunctional, District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno has proven them wrong.

Jeanine Robbins and Wes Jones are part of a cadre of progressive political activists whose lives seem to revolve around using public comments at Anaheim council meetings to flog their cause-du-jour and denigrate those with whom they disagree.

At this Tuesday’s council meeting, Jones accused  Murray of acting outside the charter:

“Kris Murray apparently is been going to the Board of Supervisors and according to our charter, the way I understand it, Mayor Tait is the elected representative who represents our city on items like that. Councilwoman Murray does not have the authority to do that, and is in violation of our charter.”

Shortly afterward, Robbins leveled the same allegation with all the nuance of blunt force trauma:

Robbins claims Murray represented herself as speaking on behalf of the City of Anaheim – an allegation at odds with the reality, as this video of what Councilwoman Murray actually said attests:

Murray clearly states she is speaking “as a member of the Anaheim City Council” not on behalf of the City of Anaheim. She noted the Anaheim City Council had approved her Operation Home S.A.F.E. “to support increased shelter and aid and to increase enforcement” and that “Anaheim stands ready, willing and able to assist the County on both fronts.”  All of this is true, and stated by Murray speaking on her own behalf.

Do Jones and Robbins believe the Anaheim City Charter prohibits a councilmember from speaking on their own behalf? From standing up at a public forum to state facts and voice their beliefs? The rest of us would be interested to hear this legal theory, since their cockamamie accusation has no basis in the city charter.

Councilman Jose F. Moreno, however, accepted his political supporters’ accusation at face value and proposed setting up an official mechanism for registering such allegations:

“I just want to take note that several residents expressed concern about councilmembers working outside of our charters, so I’m just wondering if our city manager or city attorney might, on our website or maybe in a future communication make the public aware of how they might register a complaint or a concern when they feel the councilmember is working outside of the charter itself. I think it’s really important that the public be able to figure out they register that concern formally.”

When asked by Murray, Acting City Attorney Kristin Pelletier opined that “individual residents of a county, whether they be elected or not, are allowed to appear on their own behalf. I will take a look at the charter provision as requested by another councilmember.”

What little the city charter has to say about the matter plainly backs up Councilwoman Murray. Section 505 states:

 “All powers of the City shall be vested in the City Council except as otherwise provided in this Charter.”

Section 504 states:

“The Mayor shall have the primary, but not the exclusive, responsibility for communicating the policies, programs and needs of the City government to the people, and as occasion requires, he or she may inform the people of any major change in policy or program.”

Primary but not the exclusive responsibility for communication” – that means the charter permits a councilmember to do exactly what Murray did. Robbins and Jones might have bothered to actually read the charter before making their bogus public allegations that Murray violated it; these are folks who insist those who disagree with them haven’t done their homework. Councilman Moreno should have done the same.

Or maybe they did. Judging by Ms. Robbins’ record of venomous rhetoric, she’s less interested in safeguarding the charter than in trying to silence opinions with which she disagrees.

Thanks to Moreno’s indulgence of this nonsense, the next council meeting will feature a pointless public hearing whose only purpose would seem to be making Murray or Lucille Kring or anyone else on this progressive cadre’s naughty list think twice about using their office as a bully pulpit. Robbins and her husband regularly castigate those who differ from their opinions as wicked people who engage in “hate speech” and are comparable to klansmen and Nazi death camp guards. That’s the kind of speech intended to shut people up – and that is what they’d like to do to Councilwoman Murray and others who do differ with them homelessness.

Moreno’s suggestion of a formal mechanism for registering these bogus complaints ought to be mercifully forgotten. Citizens already have avenues: they can e-mail the mayor and city council, or do what Robbins and Jones did and pipe up during public comments – what the 1st Amendment refers to as our right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


  1. Where does Moreno get off trying to censure Kris Murray? I thank her for standing up for public safety. What exactly does he claim she did wrong? This is ridiculous.

  2. I’m starting to think that all these months of good guy bad guy nonsense, is nothing but satire. It can’t be an example of a lagitimate city governing board of professionals, could it? I’m speechless! Your a bunch of screaming memes. Leave Murray alone to honcho the SARB issue and speak on it with out censor. Moreno, I’m cooking up a fresh batch of tar and have culled my geese. All I need from you is another example of bullying from the bully pulpit and future may be spent plucking goose feathers from your fifty-two inch bum! Go get um, Murray!

  3. Thanksfully the voters will register their complaints against Moreno next November.

  4. Jeanine Robbins is fake news! She stated there is very little if any crime at the riverbed shown on crime maps. They should give her a job at CNN in the Fake News Department!

    • Crime Maps is not an accurate accounting of crime. Often you will know of a crime and then you can look for it on crime mapping and surprise it is not there. It is a way to depict Anaheim a certain way. Of course anytime someone wants to show Anaheim in that way they use crime mapping statistics.

    • This is a conservative Republican blog. Obviously why else would you support Murray
      She is Disney b***h and only advocate for the wealthy business and ignore less fortunate. Happy to make money standing on the neck of the poor man. I allege she is probably a Trump supporter.

  5. GO KRIS MURRAY! No one should be silenced by bullies. Free speech is free speech and that means it goes both ways. Thank you Kris Murray to listening to those you have been put in place to serve. The public has overwhelmingly stated they want their riverbed back. They want to live in a city of lawfulness. They want to live in a city that is safe. They want their property to be their sanctuary. They want to be able to live in their sanctuary with whatever level of peace life allows them to. Why are the rights of one group taking precedence over the rights of another? Why is the law being overlooked? Why must we live in unsafe conditions? Kris Murray gets it. Stay the course Kris Murray. You may not be backed by the majority on your council but, you are backed by the majority of the voting public.

  6. What a laugh! This proves jose moreno does not know what he is talking about. It shows that he acts like a petulant child and speaks before knowing what he speaks about. What a ridiculous creature. His days of being elected to any position in Anaheim are over. Notice the comment from a District 3 reader, that is his district. His own district knows what an awful representation he is. He only serves himself. He is rude to those that dare to have a different viewpoint. He should allow others to speak and not try to bully them into silence. That only confirms peoples opinions of him. Why is he afraid to let Kris Murray speak? If he was confident in his position he would not be.

  7. I respect Kris Murray.

    Enough said.

  8. Westanaheimer: I second that respect for Kris Murray

  9. This District 3 voter also has nothing but the highest regard for Murray. Anaheim will be in deep doo-doo when she is termed out next year. MORONo doesn’t care if he’s right or wrong, if he finds an opportunity to jab Kris Murray, he takes it. I’m embarrassed to watch his vile behavior at Council meetings.

    And speaking of MORONo, why is it he was the only Anaheim Councilmember NOT to attend today’s Veteran’s Day ceremony, which was held right in his own district?

  10. Thank you, Council-member Kris Murray for representing the interests of ALL Anaheim residents. And while you fight to keep the tax-paying citizens of this city safe, I also know you are probably trying to find ways to help those less fortunate. I have no doubt about it. You have supported the residents of this city without consideration for who they support, or how they vote, or what party they are registered with. You do what is right because it is the ethical thing to do. Moreno should take notice. He is re-creating the race-baiting, self-serving culture he helped create in Anaheim Elementary SD while he served as one of its board members. I respect and support you, Kris – NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Your actions since first elected have served as your presentation card. You are who you say you are. The council member from the 3rd District speaks out of every side of his mouth depending on who is standing before him. MHHA nails it with his description of the petulant and racist, Jose Moreno. We must make it clear that we will not stand for his demagoguery any longer in 2018. He is a cancer to this city.

  11. Hey Jose,
    How about we file a complaint about how you mike Matsuda and al Jabbar are acting kursi de your authority? You hire your family members, fire or undermine people who are strong in order to bring in bafoons like the guy running our school now. Ever since you failed at getting Matsuda hired as superintendent in the anaheim elementary district you have tried to undermine linda wagner. She is a classy lady and just because she doesn’t hang with you and join in on your radical race based politics you continue to work on getting her fired…shame on you.

    • Oh! But Wagner, now Kimble (must be looking for a new job), does hang with Moreno and his cronies. She was brought in to do his dirty work. They are one and the same. Classy??? I don’t know anyone who would accuse that woman of that. Inform yourself. Wagner, aka Kimble, and Moreno are tight!

      • A lot of people think they are tight with jose. Look at what he did to our corner principal and she thought she was tight with him. Fact is that jose our bed hard to hire Matsuda (what a joke) and was out voted 3 to 2. Matsuda holds a grudge and is using rueles who gets paid over 100 k and doesent teach any classes just phoney on line bs in anaheim union to oust her. Remember rueles used his student army to get himself elected and then last year used the kids to get jackie filbeck elected who he brags will vote “however i tell her to vote”. This is all done with jose and al Jabbar pulling strings.

  12. jose are looking at the comments from your people. I am referring to those in District 3 who voted you in to represent them, those are your people. They bought what you were selling at the time, but no more. You have failed to represent your own district, you have failed to represent Anaheim. When I mean failing, I mean failing at the job you were entrusted to do: to vote for what is best for your people, District 3 and what is best for the people of Anaheim. ALL PEOPLE.

    All types of people are turning on you because you serve yourself. People voted you in because they wanted change, now people will vote you out because they want change.

  13. jose fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice shame on me.

    We will not be fooled again. We have gotten to see the real you. You have not earned the respect of the residents of Anaheim rather the opposite and your history will follow you. jose moreno is bad for Anaheim. jose moreno has not made Anaheim a better place.

  14. Anaheim Stadium area of the SART is worse now. Why are the City officials expecting the businesses and residents nearby to live with this? It is unsafe. Why are the residents and businesses expected to live like this? What is happening to Anaheim. Put them around the council members homes and see real change real fast.

    Anaheim blog post a picture of the bus stop on Euclid and Katella in front of Western Dental. People don’t even use the bus stop there it is so bad. Def. no room to wait as the benches are packed with homeless people. You can’t stand behind the bench because carts and belongings have taken all the area up. Worst I have seen it today. This is the nearest shopping center for tourists from the hotels and the Convention Center. This is inside the “resort” area. This is where they get groceries etc. This whole intersection has been taken over. It is filthy. So much for a resort. Anyone who feels the resort gets everything think again. Disney’s property is the only thing unaffected, they have walled themselves in with more to come. The rest is Anaheim’s problem and they are doing nothing to stop it or even control it. Pretty awful when the city cares so little about the city’s impression it makes on tourist and conventioneers.

  15. Legionnaires Disease closes cooling towers at Disneyland after people get sick.

  16. roxanne b: A hand up rather than a hand out is what Murray advocates for. Why would you offer anything else than a path out of being less fortunate. Offering help rather than handouts is hardly ignoring.

    All citizens are required to observe our laws.

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