City Commissioner Calls for Busing Riverbed Homeless Into Anaheim Resort

Tom Houchen, the District 5 representative on the Anaheim Housing and Community Development Commission, posted this on Facebook a few hours ago:

Tim Houchen FB post homeless

This reckless suggestion is the response of Houchen (and apparently other homeless “advocates”) to the County of Orange’s announced intention to actually require the homeless campers living on the Santa Ana River Trail to obey the law like everyone else. Houchen makes a throwaway concern for “the safety of concerned residents” at the end of the comment, but its abundantly clear that the safety of residents is a low priority for the homeless advocates. When push comes to shove, they always come down on the side of accommodating the homeless encampments at the expense of residents and businesses which are increasingly impacted by the crime, vandalism and drug use emanating from the SART encampments.

Houchen’s proposal to bus the homeless into the Resort Area is a totally crackpot idea. Even if it’s tongue in cheek , it reveals a contempt for the great silent majority of residents who object to subordinating the safety of their neighborhoods to the priorities of the homeless advocates. Houchen’s views certainly run counter to those of the vast majority of District 5 residents.

Not that we should be surprised to hear it. Houchen’s fellow advocate Mike Robbins has compared to Nazis and David Duke those Anaheim residents who object to the advocates’ brand of untethered, tunnel-vision compassion. And of course, both of these gentlemen are on Councilman Jose F. Moreno’s Homeless Policy Working Group – which certainly doesn’t inspire confidence Moreno’s endeavor will generate recommendations that are based in a common sense or an apprehension of reality.


  1. Since when do we believe anything from a Fakebook post?

  2. Check their last address , if they have, and bus them to that address. Or according to the report to City Council regarding the 2500 available beds in the Anaheim area, give them one of those available beds. . If they refuse, book then on trespassing. If that is not an option, one way ticket out of state. Or to Fairview where there are plenty of beds. If they have drugs, book them. However, pack them up and move them out. Clear the trail. Book them into the vacant Deardons building. Move em out

  3. I would support sending them to activist Mirevette Judahs house and Unite Here 11 Ada Bricineo’s house in Stanton.

  4. How many council members does it take to remove a commissioner?

  5. This morning, I choked on my Malt-O-Meal as I watched the City Council meeting, attended by the Executive Branch of City Hall and a smattering of citizen warrior want-to-be’s, dance about the overly exaggerated complexities in the development and deployment of a plan for the permanent eviction from, and deconstruction of, the SARB squatters nest.

    The showstopper that thwarted my hopeful anticipation to witness at least a smidgeon of progress was when the item of contention regarding the County’s reluctance to release State funds specifically earmarked for Anaheim’s indigent fiasco, was avoided like a Kryptonite candybar and shuffled off for further discussion at a time and place to be determined.

    The city might be better served by sponsoring a sophomore class of civics students to assist the damaged, disappointing and seriously demoralized cast of City Hall characters in their sworn obligation to engineer the prosperous evolution of our beloved Anaheim thru times of troubled water.

  6. I think it’s satirical.

  7. Stand for Anahiem

    Is he Steve Faessel’s appointee? What a nut job.


  9. Have the new Disney plans been approved? Great job council make an enemy of someone bigger and badder than almost everyone. Great job Anaheim, cut your residents off more. Disney should not be able to do this. They walled themselves in and don’t think for a minute they will not show you all their might. Sad Cerritos was walled up. Sad more structures and cut off from Downtown Disney. They clearly do not care what 92802 thinks of them and the city council has themselves for this. Do not pass this plan if you haven’t already. If you have, respect you even less. Kind my a$$

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