Unstableheim Update: The Acting City of Anaheim

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Anaheim Insider here.

Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada abruptly retired last Monday following demands for his departure by both the management and rank-and-file unions. Let’s recap the status City of Unstableheim leadership:

  • Interim City Manager Linda Andal
  • Acting Police Chief Julian Harvey
  • Acting City Attorney Kristin Pelletier
  • Acting City Clerk Theresa Bass

Presumably helping to fill these positions is Acting Human Resources Director Jason Motsick.

This is on top of the Operation Clean Sweep, by which the “People’s Council” forced the mass resignation of every city commissioner. This had the effect of causing projects in the development pipeline to grind to a snail’s pace since five of the seven Planning Commission members had no idea what as going on and had to be brought up to speed. Anaheim is a big city and there are lots of projects in the pipeline. Compounding the problem was the departure several weeks ago of the Planning Director, who left to go to work for Oceanside.

Maybe it should be called the Acting City of Anaheim. At this rate, the city will soon by in the operational hands of interns and Explorer Scouts.


  1. I detect cynicism and sarcasm in this post. Can we set these emotions aside and seek constructive solutions?

  2. There are many positions currently being filled by interim individuals, let’s not jump on them, but the process. We need true transparency in our city operations, and we need real citizens to be part of the process to fill the voids. Your right, the current city council lacks leadership but it’s the process that is flawed not the good people filling the voids trying to do jobs that they’re not necessary qualified to hold.
    I’m running for Mayor for just this reason, to bring a common sense approach to our city council. I’m not owned by the unions in Anaheim, I don’t have a shady past as a city official, I don’t have relationships that can lead to conflict of interests and these are the same issues are current council members have.
    It’s time for change in our city, but that change has to start at the top, the Mayor has to be a leader, a true manager and a negotiator working with everyone to achieve the best result for the City of Anaheim.
    There are no perfect candidates, and I don’t have all of the answers to solve all of the issues of the city, but I can and will work with all of the council members, department heads and most importantly the citizens of Anaheim.
    Williams for Mayor of Anaheim

    • Mr. Williams, I have to call you on your assessment citing the disfuntion within the walls of City Hall. In your comments above, you attribute the scrabble-eggs management of day-to-day Operations to ill-devised or illogically mapped processes employed to address problems, course correct to preclude problems or used to measure the success of a project, proposal or other City endeavors.

      The unequivocal, no shit cause for the hollow, go nowhere production of poor quality output lies between the ears of our hardworking civil servants who are paid to manage and evaluate the processes used in Anahiem’s governance.. If we don’t start calling a duck a duck, mediocracy will continue to prevail Only leadership of the highest quality can turn this big ship around. I wish you the best of luck as a candidate for the position of Mayor..

  3. The interim city manager was the city clerk and is currently the one tasked with filling these vacancies. She is the least qualified department head to be city manger. The city clerk has a small staff and almost nothing to do with city operations or critical issues. Even though the potential conflict of interest no longer exists with Andal and recently resigned Quezada, I believe her integrity and decision making are an issue because of her failure to disclose her relationship with the former chief. This is another fiasco created by Tait and the incompetent “People’s Council”.

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