Ashleigh Aitken Kicks Off Mayoral Campaign Today

Anaheim Hills attorney Ashleigh Aitken is kicking off her campaign for Anaheim mayor this evening with a fundraiser at JT Schmid’s, next to the ARTIC transportation center:

Ashleigh Aitken 10-4-17 fundraiser


Yesterday, the Aitken for Mayor campaign released a video from former Rep. Loretta Sanchez endorsing her fellow Democrat for mayor:


  1. Oh no! Not Loretta Sanchez! Can’t they find something else to keep her occupied?!

  2. Anaheim Watchdog

    So, Aitken sues Disneyland, sues the City of Anaheim, sues Orange/Anaheim Schools, and many more and now wants to take over City Hall. No thank you! That’s a big NO for “sue happy” Aitken!

    Pls people, Loretta Sanchez has endorsed her!! How liberal do we want to turn our beautiful Anaheim into?

    • Couldn’t have said it better watchdog. Sanchez only endorsed Aitken because her daddy was a big donor to the representative’s campaign though, now watch all the campaign money poor in from his rich friends for this unqualified joke.

  3. Yeah. Just what we need. A lawyer as the mayor who sues our city. Is that any worse than what we’ve got now in this clown car of a city?

  4. I am a tad suspicious of the Plaintiffs’ Bar, but I suppose you can’t lump them in all together.

    That being said, I am working on a spy novel and Plaintiff work is the perfect cover for money laundering, extortion and binding people together in cooperation.

    On an unrelated note, should Supervisor Spitzer, in his run for DA, turn over the list of clients for which his law office does business?

  5. Happy Columbus Day: You can’t rewrite history.

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