271,396 Reminders Why Spitzer Is Unfit To Be District Attorney

[Editorial reposted from OC Daily]

“Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash!”

— James Tolkan berating Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”

One could apply that classic movie line to Supervisor Todd Spitzer – except that his ego is writing checks that the taxpayers have to pay for – $271,396 in the past few weeks.

$121,396 of that was a check from county taxpayers to the Voice of OC, so they could pay the lawyers they were forced to hire to pry some puvlic documents out of Spitzer that he had no business withholding in the first place. The Voice of OC was trying to get its hands on e-mails between Spitzer and the county PIO Jean Pasco regarding the controversy swirling around his bizarre decision to use a gun to handcuff a Christian fellow who wanted to talk to him about Jesus on Good Friday in 2015, while Spitzer munched lunch at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

Spitzer wanted to publish an op-ed entitled “I WILL NEVER TURN MY BACK ON THE PUBLIC OR ITS SAFETY” in which he defended his actions, going so far as to claim he would have been justified in using deadly force against the ersatz evangelist (who subsequently lost his job with a county-contractor).

The remaining $150,000 the amount on the check which county taxpayers will be writing to former Spitzer staffer Christine Richters because her former employer is a nightmarish boss. Richters filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in March of this year, seeking several hundred thousand dollars. In her lawsuit, Richters said Spitzer was a raging maniac who governed his staff through “fear and aggression.” she produced a memo from Spitzer to his staff in which he told them they are on duty 24/7 and threatened to dock their pay if they didn’t respond to his texts within 15 minutes, regardless of the time of day or night.

Given that memo and the enormous staff turnover that has plagued Spitzer’s since he returned to the Board of Supervisors in 2012, Richter’s claims held credibility.

Spitzer responded by accusing Richter of being incompetent and lacking basic word processing skills – which begged the question of why he would have placed her on both his county and campaign payrolls if that were truly the case.

Todd Spitzer deeply covets the job of Orange County District Attorney, and he is running very hard to take the job from incumbent Tony Rackauckas. These two taxpayer checks written by Spitzer’s ego go to the heart of why so many people are horrified at the prospect of placing so much power in Spitzer’s hands. Character and temperament matter a great deal when it comes to choosing District Attorney, and in the past few weeks we’ve had 271,396 reminders why the 3rd District Supervisor comes up short in that department.


  1. It’s a good thing Cynthia Ward didn’t work for Todd Spitzer because she might have had her very first legitimate lawsuit!

  2. JRR: Snarky comments never solve or resolve anything. To solve Anaheim’s issues we have to determine what is good for the city rather than what is good for a party. Yes we all are very frustrated and really want Anaheim to be better but it will take a village. Sometime if people are open enough they may find that the opposition often wants the same thing.

  3. I support corruption and incompentence!

    Yes! We need to support Tony Rackauckas whose office is under federal investigation for corruption and who has been proven to be incompetent and allowed criminals to be freed because of his lack of ethics or ability. Good choice!

    • Would you rather have Greg Diamond!

    • TR isn’t under a federal corruption investigation.

      He also doesn’t use a Central Committee campaign account as a personal piggy bank to stock up his cabin in the mountains, unlike Todd Spitzer.

      What about that huge retainer Todd gets from his buddy who opposed the Diocesan development in North Tustin, and lo and behold Todd gets the approval yanked after taking office. Quid pro quo much?

      T-Rack ain’t perfect. But he’s sending plenty of criminals to jail. I’ll take him over a crazy media hound who would indict his mother for a good headline.

  4. Todd hired Ritchers because she’s a former Playboy centerfold. Call Spitzer “Bustamante”

  5. Todd Spitzer, the “what’s in it for me” kind of guy.
    He only does something if he thinks it is expedient for him politically and he will look good.
    Great guy. Great guy for us to be sure we end his political career.

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