An Open Letter From An Anaheim Resident On Homeless Crisis

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An Anaheim resident who requested anonymity asked Anaheim Blog to publish this open letter:

Please Urge City Council to Address the Homeless Issue During Tuesday’s Council Meeting!

Hello –

Items 20 and 22 on Tuesday Night’s City Council Meeting agenda directly address our concerns about the Homeless Issues in District 5.

We need your help to communicate to City Council that these items must be voted upon and approved on Tuesday.

Agenda Item 20 allows for the appointment of additional members to the Homeless Policy Working Group.    Currently, there is no District 5 representative on that working group.  City Council must understand that the criminal and anti-social activity committed by many within the homeless population is our District’s greatest issue and harms our quality of life more than any other problem existing in our city.  District 5 cannot be frozen out of any efforts to design homeless policy solutions for our city.  For more information, please see the staff report at:

Agenda Item 22 declares a public health and safety state of emergency related to the homeless, homelessness and homeless encampments within the city limits and on property adjacent to the city limits like the Santa Ana River Bed and the Eastbound 91 Freeway/Harbor Blvd On-Ramp.  The declaration of emergency empowers city staff to take immediate action to provide shelter and services to the homeless in our community and address unlawful activity within the city and the Santa Ana River Trail.  Our residents need immediate relief from the unsafe environment that is the result of growth of the Santa Ana River Trail homeless encampments.  More information can be found in the staff report at

If you believe that the City Council should pass these agenda items, then please help champion them. Please take the time to speak during the public comments section at this Tuesday’s City Council Meeting to express support for the two agenda items.  When speaking, make sure to let the Council Members know the district in which you live and that your vote at the next election will be based on whether your Council Member votes yes on Agenda Items 20 and 22.

If you can’t make the council meeting, please email the Mayor and City Council today to express your support of these items.

Please pass the word along to your neighbors!  Together, we will win back our neighborhoods.

Thank you!


  1. this is so unsanitary and legal tax payers should not have to put up with this. it’s enough they are paying for their welfare, food stamps and disability what a waste of tax payers money

  2. Its tome to clean it up. Its dangerous and unsanitary.

  3. Power is in numbers.
    If you only complain and not participate in calling council, letter writing, speaking at meetings or requesting a private meeting with the mayor or council yourself, your complaints do not help.

    Get involved, please!

    It’s tragic, and we need everyone to fight for these to pass!

  4. I think we have to address the facts of the homeless encampments ,or we can wait until the hepatitis epidemic that San Diegos homeless population has created to spead to the entertainment district . The hepatitis A is transmitted by human touch,. All surrounding businesses will be affected and areas were they congregate ie parks,public restrooms and the schools that surround some of our parks will be affected.

  5. You are all a bunch of YAPPERS! Yap, Yap, Yap. Gather up the thousands of petition signers and go to the riverbed. Tell the drug addicts to pack up and leave. Make it uncomfortable for them to be there. I took on the entire city’s criminal street gang leadership all by myself with the help of a few friends and they left. Certainly thousands of you can get rid of the riverbed transients. Either do it or shut up about it!

  6. We don’t need 50 people saying the same thing. The City Council knows how we all feel. How about one person speak, give them as much time and skip 49 others saying same thing. This issue needs to be resolved and tomorrowis as good as any to have a resolution passed. Murray’s plan is good but it will get bogged down on politics, lack of leadership and in 45 days, we will be in the same position. I hope that the County, City and the politicians will actually be leaders and do something. However…

    • Some say that Anaheim seems to be going to the dogs. Hey I should be happy as I am but a simple dog
      but somehow I do wonder instead about what the local humans are up to.

      First came a dog park in central Anaheim and I figured, nice for my kind. But nearby was a place where humans used the grass like my canine pals do – for bathrooms, feeding, chasing each other, and sometimes making odd howling noises. I figured – well we are being treated just like humans now! Moving up in the world.

      Next came human dog houses – but odd ones that flap in the wind – covering the areas near the machines that other humans drive at high speeds. Very strange indeed. Why haven’t dog houses been built for me and my friends? Come on, let us in!

      Other humans dressed in blue uniforms and cars with shiny lights stop by now and then to say hello. I notice now and then they have one of my kind from Germany inside their cars. So interesting.

      I think it must be the delicious smell of hamburgers from Carl’s that draws these humans here. Well that does attract me too.

      Still other humans bring bottles of water, snacks and other treats and feed the humans then sing songs while praising dog spelled backwards. Humans say the funniest things! Yet the humans who take the treats never seem to do any tricks to earn their treats, so I am puzzled, as I was trained with treats and learned to earn my way in this world. Some do sometimes hold scraps of cardboard and wave them around. Ok that’s a step in the right direction.

      I’ve learned that not everything is supposed to make sense but then again I never was invited to attend 12 years of free training nor were any of my friends. Might be time to let us take some of those spots in those comfy places where young humans get to go all day. Heard they get free food too.

      Well I’m off to try to charm someone into giving me a left over burger.

      • Shorkey, you sound like a smart dog. However, I must correct you on a comment you made. The guys in the blue uniforms, in the cars with the shiny lights and your German cousin in the back, he’s actually from Belgium. He’s a Malinois. They look like the Germans but are smaller and better suited for drug and explosives section and tracking. As your have an image to maintain, I thought I might offer you the information. Best Regards, Shorkey.

        Grant, the guy with a sissy dog named Petie.

  7. Perhaps it’s time for Mayor Tait to start acting like a LEADER and DO SOMETHING.

    Tom, for once put your silly, petty, political opinions aside and do what’s right for the city. For Christs sake, you almost cried when talking about Yessina Roja’s road building efforts in MEXICO!!, But you can’t keep toxic hypodermic needles out of the river?

    It’s time for somebody to lead.

    • The ONLY leader I see on that City Council that truly cares about our City is the new guy, Stephen Faessel. He’s breath of fresh air. It’s about time. THANK YOU District 5 residents for voting his guy in.

      Glad Faessel didn’t apologize at last night’s Council meeting for “barking” at Supervisor Todd Spitzer OR Police Chief Quezada. From what I see, Faessel is a no nonsense LEADER who tells it like it is and truly has the skills (and integrity) to lead our City. Move over Tait and all current Council Members. This guy is your LEADER!!!!

  8. My brother from NZ visited last December and was so shocked to see the “tent city” by the Santa Ana riverbed. He commented that he can’t believe what he’s seeing. He thought this will only be so in 3rd world countries, not in America. How sad and perplexing indeed!

  9. One councilmember’s e-mail is missing from the main article.

  10. Gggggggggg

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