Westin Anaheim Resort Going Up On Anabella Hotel Site

Westin Anaheim Resort

Westin Anaheim Resort

The City of Anaheim has wanted a Westin Hotel to the Resort District for nearly 20 years, and is getting its wish: the Wincome Group announced that the 4-Diamond hotel it is building on the site of the Anabella Hotel will carry the Westin brand.

The new hotel will be the first Westin in Southern California in more than 25 years.

The Westin Anaheim Resort will be one of three new 4-Diamond hotels coming to Anaheim under the Hotel Incentive Policy created by the city in 2015. The Anaheim City Council voted in 2016 to approve the Wincome Group’s project and participation in the Hotel Incentive Policy.

Owner-developer Wincome Group is building the $245 million-dollar project immediately beside the Anaheim Convention Center’s (ACC) soon-to-open expansion and directly across from the Disneyland Resort. It will rise on the site of the Anabella Hotel, which had also been a Wincome Group property for almost 20 years.

Groundbreaking on the the 7-story, 613-room luxury property takes place on September, with construction commencing in October. The hotel is expected to open its doors in 2019.


  1. Great. I hope they become good members of Anaheim and also enjoy the tax break they are receiving to build the hotel and offer competitive prices. No, I do not think rich developers need tax breaks to build their hotel.

  2. Woe to fools who get in bed with Anaheim and it’s absurdly corrupt, if rather small and quaint, establishment. It’s an unsustainable racket destined for a world of legal consequence.

    And it’s just Anaheim.. lol… has anyone seen Vice-Principals on HBO?

  3. What Wincome is essentially getting is FREE Hotels on there land. 17% Resort TOT
    From The Register
    The City Council voted 3-1 to approve agreements for three hotels:

    • Good Hope International, an affiliate of Wincome Group, is building a $208 million, 580-room hotel on the current site of the Anaheim Plaza Hotel & Suites, near Disney California Adventure.

    • A 630-room, $225 million development for FJS Inc., an affiliate of Wincome Group, will replace another of its existing properties, the Anabella Hotel, adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center.

    • Disney will construct a 700-room luxury hotel and parking structure on 10 acres along Disneyland Drive, at the north end of the Downtown Disney parking lot.

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