Chief Quezada Responds To Police Union Vote of “No Confidence”

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Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada has released this response to the “no confidence” vote by the Anaheim Police Association:

Statement from Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada

Unfortunately, Anaheim PD has not been immune to the issues facing police departments across the nation during these turbulent times. In 2012, following days of unrest, we embarked on an ambitious-but-necessary journey to rebuild community confidence, especially among residents of Anaheim’s working-class neighborhoods.

As Anaheim’s new and first Latino Chief of Police, my number one priority was – and remains – community engagement. We’ve worked hard to improve transparency and accountability, provide better and more compassionate service based on mutual respect and positively impact Anaheim’s at-risk youth. Although our work is never done, I’m proud of the community trust we’ve built, and I’m also proud that we’ve made these improvements without experiencing significant spikes in crime that other California cities faced following the passage of Propositions 47 and 57.

Cultural change is difficult and often requires tough decisions and new ideas that can be scary to police employees accustomed to doing their jobs a certain way. We were the first police department in the region to deploy body-worn cameras. Our investment has led to less use of force, enhanced training and key evidence in false claims against us. The cameras also provide important evidence following accusations of misconduct, which, fortunately, are rare in Anaheim. We also use the cameras to hold officers accountable when mistakes inevitably occur. As you might imagine, our uptick in internal affairs investigations and disciplinary actions have not been embraced by the union.

Despite the union vote, I continue to have confidence in the men and women of APD. I can’t help but question whether no confidence votes against reform-minded police chiefs who have yet to hit retirement age are part of a new playbook some local police unions are using to attempt to strong arm cities and police agencies.

I will continue to listen to the union, police and city employees, the residents and visitors we serve, Anaheim’s Public Safety Board, the Chief’s Advisory Board, Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council, the City Council, the Youth Advisory Board, the business community — and anybody else who shares my goals of propelling us toward becoming the best police department we can possibly be while enhancing the lives of Anaheim residents

Finally, I would like to thank the many community members who’ve expressed their support for our positive changes. Your continued partnership is critical to our success. I invite you to visit our website or follow our social media to learn more about our programs aimed at engaging our community.


  1. I support Officer Hampton’s vision for the future of the Anaheim Police Department and recognize the vote of no confidence on Chief Quezada as legitimate and enforceable.

  2. What we expect from the police is enforcement of the laws we are governed by. The city and its police force need strong leadership. Improve transparency? The data on your own crime mapping site is inaccurate and misleading. Stop handing out playdoh and coloring books and get to the business of protecting the law abiding citizens you serve. Positive changes? Anaheim is not better in regard to those who LIVE here.

    We are not buying what you are trying to sell us.

  3. Anaheim is not better in regard to the quality of life of those living in Anaheim. The people of Anaheim really must speak in any coming elections.

  4. Play-doh retirement statue of Chief Quezada on Ana Drive!

  5. I worked for APD a long time ago. I helped to form the APA so officers would have a means to voice their feelings on things. The current vote shows that most officers do not feel the current chief is doing what needs to be done. Citizens need need to speak up and tell elected that things need to change ASAP. You will never get 100 percent in the vote as some are favored over others by the higher ups. Poor leadership in any group will soon trickle down to the bottom. Rate of turn over will go up and in the end things will get worse.

  6. The Chief should step down immediately!

  7. This vote is totally legitimate. Voting by email is the most reasonable and secure method of collecting a tally. It is verifiable because we can trust the leadership of APA. The vote was not about identifying dissenters and intimidating rank and file officers. God bless the heroes of The Anaheim Police Department. *tips accepted*

  8. Yes! – God Bless the Anaheim Police Department.

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