Emery Out; City Clerk Linda Andal Named Interim City Manager

Paul Emery AB feat

The Anaheim City Council began its closed session meeting at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon to decide the fate of City Manager Paul Emery and appoint an interim city manager. They didn’t emerge until nearly 6:00 p.m. – long past the official 5:00 p.m. start time for the regular council meeting.

City Manager Paul Emery tendered a forced resignation which was accepted on a 4-3 vote. Mayor Tom Tait and Councilmembers Jose F. Moreno, Denise Barnes and James Vadnerbilt voting in favor, and C0uncilmembers Kris Murray, Lucille Kring and Steve Faessel opposed.

The council voted 4-3 to authorize offering Emery eight months of severance; under his contract, Emery was entitled to 6 months severance. Councilmembers Vanderbilt, Murray, Faessel and Kring voted in favor. Mayor Tait and Councilmembers Moreno and Barnes were opposed.

The city council named City Clerk Linda Andal as the interim city manager on a 7-0 vote. The extraordinary length of the closed session combined with the unanimous vote to appoint Andal (not known to harbor city manager ambitions) indicates it was a contentious session and that Ms. Andal is a compromise choice and a true interim. She has been an excellent city clerk and will presumably apply the same ethic of dedication and hard work to the interim position.

There was a great deal of focus on the possibility of giving appointing Anaheim Union High School District Superintendent Mike Matsuda as interim city manager. Matsuda is a committed leftist activist and a close political ally of Councilman Jose F. Moreno and Mayor Tom Tait. To the extent his candidacy was a serious possibility, the city has dodged a bullet.

The standard operating procedure is hiring a search firm and commencing the process of soliciting applications and conducting interviews.


  1. What a circus this city is.

  2. Yeah, there was a great deal of focus on Mike Matsuda HERE — but not, so far as I could tell, out in the real world. Andal’s a better choice.

    But that 7-0 vote portends well for Anaheim’s short-to-medium-term future. We both apparently have high opinions of Linda Andal and of how she’s run her office, Matt. Someone had a really inspired idea here. (And I honestly have no idea who it was.)

    • Anaheim Insider

      Matsuda’s appointment was the subject of much open talk in city hall circles, Greg. And my posts hopefully had role in averting it. And Matsuda can apply for the permanent position. After all, he’d never even run a school site when his political allies made him AUHSD Superintendent.

      Andal will be a fine Interim CM. Kristine Ridge was a better, more qualified choice, but Tait and Moreno have the knives out for her, too.

      I see you and Cynthia have settled on the Rainbow Flag kerfuffle as your talking point about why Emery deserved termination. If his eventual successor commits a similar goof, we look forward to you and Ms. Ward yelling for his/her head.

      Anaheim now has an Interim City Manager, an Acting City Attorney, and an Acting City Clerk.

      • “City hall circles”? Really? Do these circles include members of the current City Council majority? Or was it a bunch of people reinforcing one another’s baseless speculation — with their sound and fury literally signifying nothing? Let me guess — Kristine Ridge was part of those circles, right?

        (Sometimes I wonder whether you really ARE an “insider” anymore. Why are you anonymous again?)

        The “Rainbow Flag” violation of the law (and suppression of City Staff’s attempts to address the problem prohibitively) was a problem, but it’s not what I’d single out as THE talking point for why he deserved termination. He deserved termination back when he was the Assistant City Manager — and every day since then — but corruption and serving big campaign donors rather than everyday Anaheimers was *rewarded* back in those Bad Old Days. Not, it appears, anymore — at least for now!

        I hope that the two actual vacancies that you identify will be filled soon — and well.

        • “A bunch of people reinforcing one another’s baseless speculation” is what you have the most experience you blowhard. Now go get Tom Tait’s slippers. He’s angry if you’re not there for his foot massage.

    • Yes, Greg, I do have a very high opinion of Linda. At the same time, I think firing Paul Emery was shortsighted and unnecessary.

      And as others have already pointed out, Anaheim city government now has an interim city manager, an acting city attorney and an acting city clerk. Any wagers on whether the ranks of the acting/interim will continue to expand?

      • Certainly, there should be good reason for any further staff changes.

        Sadly, it would not be surprising if for more positions such reason — IF sought out — turned out to exist.

        You’re not in favor of even examining recent history, I presume — right?

        • I’m not sure what you’re talking about, Greg. Sounds like you want to go digging for reasons to fire people. That will do wonders to staff morale.

          • Nope. But it is finally time that various claims made by the city can be fairly assessed. And they should be.

            • Gosh, that would certainly be a productive use of city resources, wouldn’t it — chasing down Diamond-designated rabbit holes?

              • That has already happened and Greg and his merry band of idiots have already lost at our expense as taxpayers. Check that box off.

              • Finding out to what extent the City has been basing its decisions on reliable, or unreliable, information over the past decade?

                No, that doesn’t seem like a productive use of city resources at all — does it?

                As for your WackA-sidekick: no, this hasn’t taken place as part of the lawsuits. I can’t talk about them for another month or so, though, until certain deadlines pass.

              • Yawn. More bluster but as with past wastes of our city’s funds to defend these silly things, the result will be your unmitigated loss.

          • I saw the headline of your latest post claiming Disney and Curt Pringle have endorsed Harry Sidhu for Mayor. Do you have any actual evidence, Greg? Or just talking out your ear again?

            • I said that he appears to be the choice of the political faction that they have dominated in recent years. This is based on the number of members of that faction who seem to be falling in line behind his candidacy. We’re not in “follow the money” territory yet, but we certainly can follow the followers.

              Neither Disney nor Pringle and Associations endorse, of course, but they are both heavily involved in machinations behind the scenes. I don’t assert that a formal endorsement by Disney’s catspaw SOAR has occurred, but at this point it wouldn’t NEED to have.

              Do you disagree with any of this? Or are you not allowed to say?

              (Also, how does one talk out of their ear? Show me.)

  3. I guess it was smart of you to alert everyone and save the city from Matsuda. But I can tell you that the thought of getting him out of auhsd was very exciting and hopeful news.

    It appears that our only way out is to wait until a year from november and vote his puppet board members out.

  4. It strikes me that Ms. Ward is a public official and should be the target of the same public records requests she lobbs on others (including for cell phone and text messages). I wonder what trove of informasion us city taxpayers would find if someone asked her for any records related to Anaheim including her suits and whatever inside info she may have regarding the city manager’s resignation. And since someone may verywell make this request, I am sure that her and her counsel reading this will preserve these items. hmmmmmm

    • She’s a public official with the OC Cemetery District, not Anaheim.

      But let’s see if the only other person here with a name likes your plan. Matt?

      • Please include me out of your stupid fights with commenters, Greg.

        • You’re involved. They’re YOUR stupid commenters and YOU allow them to attack people anonymously, falsely, stupidly, and without consequence.

          Smart move not endorsing the stupid plan. Less smart to leave your position ambiguous.

      • That comment demonstrates your lack of understanding of the public records act and what is defines as a record.

        • Hey, if you think that you can get access to privileged information regarding lawsuits she has been associated with based on her membership on a county commission, knock yourself out. It would be fun to know who you are and even more fun to depose you.

          • Who said anything about priviledged information? As a city taxpayer and resident in the cemeteries board area if I want to see Ms. Wards communication on any topic related to Anaheim she’s had with city staff or decision makers, including texts and phone calls then I believe that the public records act allows me ask her for those. After all, it good for the public to know what our appointed county cemetery members are discussing with city leaders and others. Oh.. ….. And I don’t have to tell you who I am if I make a records request. I only have to tell you who I am when I sue if the records aren’t disclosed. Thanks for bullying me with threat of deposition.. That would look great in a suit to show I’m being bullied into not making such a request.

          • I guess you decided to ignore my compeling loguc for fear of sending a request to your client. Very wise.

  5. I’m sure Linda is well respected at city hall. But how exactly does her role as the city clerk prepare and qualify her as an interim city manager?

  6. Anaheim Resident

    4 city managers in 8 years whats going on here?

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