Harry Sidhu Opens Mayoral Campaign Committee

Harry Sidhu AB feat

Businessman and former Councilman Harry Sidhu filed campaign paperwork on July 3 to run for Mayor of Anaheim in 2018, becoming the second candidate to throw a hat into the mayoral ring. Anaheim Hills attorney Ashleigh Aitken, a liberal Democrat, formed a mayoral campaign committee this May.

Sidhu, a Republican, first ran for Anaheim City Council in 2002 and finished fourth. He ran again in 2004 and won, and was handily re-elected in 2008. Sidhu ran unsuccessfully for state Senate in 2006, losing the GOP primary to Assemblywoman Mimi Walters in 2006. He lost a bid for 4th Supervisor District in 2010 against then-Fullerton Councilman Shawn Nelson and fellow Anaheim Councilmember Lorri Galloway. Last year’s 68th Assembly District election eluded him; Sidhu led for almost a week after Election Day but Irvine Mayor Steven Choi crept past him in the late ballot counting.

Mayor is now the only city council office that is elected at-large, and Sidhu has the advantage of having twice been elected at-large to the city council. Furthermore, he is familiar to voters due to numerous ballot appearances.

sidhu for mayor volunteers july 4 2Sidhu scored plaudits with Anaheim Hills residents last week by making a personal donation of $7,500 to the annual Anaheim 4th of July festivities and community fireworks show that takes place in Anaheim Hills. Volunteers wearing Sidhu for Mayor shirts were visible at the event. Although all city council districts are equal in population, the Hills carry disproportionate weight in city-wide elections since it is home to a disproportionate (and heavily Republican) number of Anaheim voters. Like Aitken, Harry Sidhu lives in Anaheim Hills.

The former councilman is a prodigious fundraiser who also has the ability to invest significant personal funds into his campaign.

At this early date, the Anaheim mayoral contest is between a conservative Republican businessman and a liberal Democratic attorney, both of whom live in Anaheim Hills and will be able to raise large campaign warchests.


  1. Mr. Sidhu would be an awesome mayor! Be great to have someone who supports our police department as mayor again. Unlike our current mayor and Ms Aitken, he won’t let homeless people live in our parks, on our bike trails and in school yards. It’s time to bring order and management back to Anaheim.

    • Yes we must get rid of the homeless the current policies are not killing them fast enough. Perhaps an already proven system like Bergen Belsen could be employed. Quick and efficient murder.

      And the good book supports this? Oh, of course, Mein Kampf does so Brenda, pass that to Harry.

      This is just crazy in the richest city in the richest county in the richest state in the richest country in the world that we let people suffer on the streets and the only option is death. Every 36 hours a homeless person dies on the streets – 5 times the death rate of the average American and the average age of death is …49.

      • free handouts for all!

        You are correct ekim! We need to open up all of our parks, sports fields, libraries and all public places 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the homeless.

        But that won’t be enough… It’s time to open up private property too. We’ll start with businesses, like the resort area and Disneyland. Homeless must be allowed everywhere at all times.

        But that won’t be enough. We’ll then require private homes to remain unlocked and allow the homeless to crash in anyone’s home they want to… private property is SO 20th century… we’re in a sharing economy now.

        That will be true kindness… Anyone can live anywhere and we all share everything. It will be utopia! Mayor Tait’s dream of rainbows and unicorns come to life!

      • Brenda – like just about every Anaheim resident – doesn’t want the homeless living in city parks and public property, and Mike’s response is to compare that to the Nazi Holocaust.

        And Mike is one of the “experts” Jose F. Moreno chose for his “balanced” homelessness working group?

        • When people want to just kill the homeless instead of helping them that is just like the thinking in the holocaust. This has been mentioned at the BOS many times by many people.
          In one comment on a register article a person said to grind up the homeless and feed them to other homeless.
          Arresting the homeless, confiscating their stuff and putting them on the streets with nothing in the City of Kindness is just crazy.
          The statistics bare it out with 5% of the homeless population dead last year at the average age of 49. This is murder by political will.
          And Todd Spitzer stated at the last BOS meeting that there is $250 mil for health services for the homeless people. So why is the money not being spent that is what people should ask. Why is the money there and we are not helping?
          Disney in the mean time pays poverty wages and will create in the near future thousands of homeless individuals especially with the lack of affordable housing.

          I hope Harry reads this stuff and makes himself aware of the facts.

          • Wow, Mike – you’re doubling down on the offensive crazy.

            Who on Earth believes we should kill the homeless? Do you really believe any sane individual thinks that? You take one comment by some nut on a news story and extrapolate that anyone in support of enforcing the anti-camping ordinance is a Nazi pushing a Final Solution for the homeless.


          • The fact that Moreno put mike on a homeless task force is incredibly troubling. The PD and city net offer assistance to every homeless person they contact. They are refusing the help! I don’t understand how mike doesnt grasp this.
            The storage and camping ordinance is not intended to eradicate homelessness. It’s intended to keep our parks and public places clean and sanitary. It was established for the parks to be used as intended! We are spending millions trying to help yet no matter what is offered, mike and the other advocates are never happy.
            Moreno may have selected mike, but he clearly does not represent anaheim residents nor does he have their best interests at heart. He can open up his home and backyard and then come talk to us about not wanting encampments. Maybe the county should spend some of that mental health money on mike.

          • WOW – If you think, some how that kind of argument has merit with rational minds, you need to put down your medical dope. NOBODY wants death for homeless; again NOBODY. What we want is for the city leaders to lead. That means they MUST find an acceptable solution for ALL citizens… NO more pandering to liberal ideals and extremely ignorant posts that mislead readers. Something has to be done. The problem is getting people off the streets that don’t want to get off the streets.

      • The references to the atrocities at Bergen Belsen are offensive. Even if they were made to shock a point into being made, wildly inappropriate.

        • The Holocaust, also referred to as the Shoah, was a genocide in which some six million European Jews were killed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and the World War II collaborators with the Nazis.

      • if you want to help the homeless so much whh dont you take them into your home. they dont want help they dont like authority i live in anaheim they walk into the gated complex when a car goes in ravage trash bins you tell them to leave n they get mad n tell you call the cops they wont do nothing. yet we pay for our safe apts. they vandalized pool bathroom, cars get broken in into. yeah lets help them to satisfy the blind activist

  2. something of a fan

    Interesting fact: I saw now-Assemblyman Choi standing on the corner of Jamboree and Irvine Blvd. holding up his own sign. Not only did it make an impact on me, it apparently made an impact on the election.

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