Most Homeless Campers By 91 Freeway And Harbor Refusing Help and Services

91 freeway encampment AB feat

“Most of the individuals here have not been receptive to services and have actually declined any type of emergency or transitional shelters, any behavioral health services, or any other resources that we’ve offered to them.”

That is not a quite from some heartless, anti-homeless NIMBY, but from Gigi Zanganeh, director of programs for CityNet, the City of Anaheim’s homeless services contractor, in a city video published earlier this month regarding the homeless encampment along the 91 Freeway between Harbor and Lemon.

It represents welcome candor and highlights a question that isn’t raised enough in local policy discussions about the homeless in Orange County: what to do about homeless people who choose homelessness over help? As the Kraemer Shelter, re-housing and other resources and services gain momentum and make headway among the homeless population that desires independence and re-entry into society, the reality is a growing percentage of the homeless population will consist of what advocates euphemistically term the “service-resistant.”

An unspoken sub-text is the homeless encampments along the Santa Ana River and elsewhere – which are getting bigger and spreading – are increasingly becoming criminal villages. That, in turn, generates more crime as far as encampment inhabitants’ legs or bicycles can carry them.

More and more law-abiding, taxpaying, hard-working homeowners and business owners (and their employees) are impacted by crime and the fear of crime. The years-long “City of Kindness” campaign talks a lot about how kindness contributes to”social resilience,” which in turn contributes to strong cities. The chaos, disorder, crime and lawlessness inherent in these encampments feed social corrosion, and undermine the kind of community the kindness campaign is intended to create.

The forgotten other half of the kindness campaign is “freedom.” The freedom this country is grounded in the idea of ordered liberty, which depends on the rule of law. This encampments  – and the radical ideology promoted by the ACLU and its confederates that seeks to enshrine them as a human right – corrode ordered liberty, and citizens’ faith in the efficacy of their electoral and civic institutions.

This aspect of the homelessness crisis merits greater attention and discussion in local policy forums and elections – such as the race for the 4th Supervisor District – and deserves robust discussion this Tuesday, June 20, when the Anaheim City Council discusses the city’s anti-camping ordinance.


  1. Spay and neuter the homeless

  2. Send the encampments to the ACLUs front door.

  3. Maybe the county government should unify the approach used by all the cities in the county to solve this problem once and for all.

    • All cities must be involved in the solution yes. Of course they need help like in help not hurt. They each start with a H but are different words. So we can continue to spend $40,000 a year to leave them on the streets dying at an alarming rate or help them for a lot less money.
      Google search cost of homelessness in Orange County
      Google search homeless deaths in Orange County
      The problem with the current policy is that it is not killing them fast enough.
      For those haters you need to bring the plans for Bergen Belsen to the Anaheim city council. Fast and effective liquidation.
      Or for those humans among us with an ounce of humanity perhaps we should push the powers that be to help the people that obviously need HELP.
      Which are you????

  4. Larry Herschler

    I have been saying this for a long time. What a surprise. Arrest them for trespassing. Keep the area clean. They do not want to move to a shelter, put sprinklers there and turn on the water. Harbor and the 91 is not an appropriate area and as I also have mentioned, about the only time the area is clean is during Cinco de Mayo and High School Football season. Enforce the laws. How about lay a layer of fertilizer there? And maintain the fertilizer. We do not need another riverbed. Close that encampment NOW!

  5. The City of Fullerton and the CHP’s approach to resolve the homeless issue at the 91 Freeway and Harbor is to push them off of that land and south into Anaheim. They don’t let them move further North into Fullerton.

    They do this almost daily.

    They don’t care that there is an adult school, a public elementary charter school and a preschool just a few steps away.

    They turn a blind eye to the fact that many of those homeless are now walking around with pit-bulls and pit-bull mixes. From where they acquired them, I don’t know.

    The only thing more worrisome than seeing an individual in a manic state of mind with a pit bull is to see an individual in a manic state of mind with a gun.

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