More Wrinkles From Barnes’ FPPC Fine

Anaheim Insider here. published a follow-up story to news about Councilmember Denise Barnes being fined by the FPPC. The article lists dozens of council votes Barnes participated in when some are saying she should have recused herself due to her husband’s work for Disney:

Anaheim city council member Denise Barnes, a key member of the Tom Tait city council majority and a Republican recruited by Tait’s aide Mishal Montgomery, was fined $100 by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) for a simple omission on her Form 700 in regards to her husband’s employer.  Matt Cunningham wrote about it on AnaheimBlog calling the fine the equivalent of a parking ticket.

But upon closer examination, there’s a much bigger issue at stake here.

Barnes recuses herself from certain votes related to Disney due to her husband’s employment (he’s in TV).  But sources are telling TheLiberalOC that Barnes, who championed the death of the Anaheim Street Car as a principal reason for running for council, most certainly voted unethically on a number of agenda items and quite possibly broke the law in doing so due to this omission.

Council member Lucille Kring, who represents part of the resort area in District 4, had a related conflict when she owned a wine bar in the GardenWalk.  Kring recused herself from every vote pertaining to the GardenWalk project.  Barnes needs to be held to the same standard.  The FPPC offered guidance to Kring in 2008 which was followed.  Barnes has a sizable list of votes in which she should have recused herself but did not.

Anaheim’s city manager, Paul Emery, and the interim city attorney, Kristin Pelletier, now have a difficult task ahead of them – namely telling the Anaheim City Council that about 19 votes taken by Barnes ought to be tossed out and acted on again – and in many cases, some of these items will die with a 3-3 tie instead of the 4-3 Tait majority decision.

Here’s a summary of votes Barnes took that are under a cloud now because she should have recused herself.  These items are where action was taken prior to a complaint being field by the FPPC and there are several votes that need to be examined by the city council and city administration to determine validity:

Dec. 20:

You’ll have to click here to read the long listed of votes where Barnes may have had a conflict.


  1. Up With Anaheim

    I read through the list on the LOC. I can’t speak to all of the votes, but how is her streetcar resolution a conflict? Does Barnes submitting and voting on a reso expressing the council’s opinion on an Anaheim streetcar going to affect her husband’s income negatively or positively by $500? Isn’t that the definition of a legal conflict? Or an amendment to the ATN contract?

    On the other hand, the people supporting and propping up Barnes LOVE to play the “so-and-so has a conflict!!” card against their opponents, so there’s more than a little karma in having that tactic turned against them. Hoisted on their own petard, as the saying goes. Maybe now they’ll think twice before manufacturing conflict-of-interest accusations as political weapons.

  2. GoodGovernmentType

    The StreetCar would be within the required distance from Disney properties to warrant her recusal. I’m sure Zenger and Lady Ward are getting their Tait talking points approved.

  3. Anaheim voters should recall this lady!

  4. I have absolute confidince that our good government friends at CATER will demand revotes and if not seek appropriate judicial remedy.

  5. GoodGovernmentType

    Diamond is too busy getting into near fist fights with his brother-in-law, the medical marijuana smuggler.

  6. GoodGovernmentType

    Lady Ward has chimed in on TheLiberalOC. Have at it

  7. I don’t know if I can carve out an hour to wade through her hysterical gibberish.

  8. Please sign the recall petition

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