Denise Barnes To Be Fined By Fair Political Practices Commission

Among the items on the May 25, 2017 agenda of the California Fair Political Practices Commission is a proposed $100 fine for “failure to disclose her pro-rata share of her spouse’s income on her Candidate Statement of Economic Interests, in violation of Government Code Section 87207” in her candidate Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests filed on August 12, 2016.

There’s no staff report explaining who filed the complaint, when it was filed, etc. Simply a copy of the stipulation, decision and order in which Barnes cops to the violation and agrees to pay the penalty. A $100 fine is the FPPC equivalent of a fix-it ticket.

The Form 700 Barnes’ filed January 9, 2017 following being sworn in as a councilmember reports four sources of income for her husband, who is apparently a television camera operator: Fox Sports West, Pettigrew Crewing, LDM Worldwide and Disney Worldwide Services – ABC Company. The latter would explain why Barnes recuses herself from Disney-related votes.


  1. No wonder she kept her husbands income a secret… she sits up there with Tait and bashes Disney every chance she gets, yet her income is from Disney… i wonder what else she has broke the rules on? I wish someone would recall her already!!! Not only is she dishonest, but she has no clue what she’s doing….

  2. What a shame her husbands employment didn’t come out during the election…

  3. Not sure why Lucille, Jordan and Kris could take $millions from Disney and then vote 0 tax for Disney for 40 years. That is crooked and hurts us all personally. Doubt it? Look at your property tax bill and you will see the extra amounts for bonds. Those are infrastructure bonds. We pay $70 mil a year for Disney infrastructure and buildings, 100,000 homes about $700 a year in bond payments. 350,000 people in Anaheim using the infrastructure – 25,000,000 using the resort industry.

    • New South Wales

      Once again, Mike is shilling out half-truths. While it is correct that there are special assessments and additional taxes tacked onto the basic levy rate for Anaheim residents, it’s a complete lie that they are infrastructure bonds to pay for Disney and the resort industry.

      The additional taxes are voter approved tax increases for School District purposes (Anaheim School District, Anaheim Union High School District, North OC Community College District). None of those taxes have anything to do with Disney.

      Then, there are the MWD assessments. Those assessments pay for the purchase of water from the Colorado river and Sacramento Delta, as well as the infrastructure to transport that water to our city.

      The last of the taxes are charged by the County of Orange to EVERY property owner in the county and go towards things like Vector Control and Sewage.

  4. Longtime Anaheim Resident

    You are belligerent. They take “millions” from Disney. Do you make this up as you go? Tait is responsible for those resort bond payments, ARTIC, and numerous upgrades to convention center, GardenWalk fiasco etc. Hes also the only one who’s personally profited from incentives. And he took Disney support for his campaigns for more than a decade. I’ve been watching council since the 70s – this is the worst it’s ever been!

    • Stand For Anaheim

      Its the worst it has been because of Tom Tait! Barnes is his puppet. She is not allowed out without Matt Holder by her side feeding her information. He texts her and writes all of her talking points. She is an idiot. What else is she lying about? Does this mean the votes to end the TOT incentive and ARC are now void because she voted when she should not have. SHAME ON TAIT AND BARNES!!!

  5. GoodGovernmentType

    Gosh where are Cynthia Ward, Vern Nelson and Greg Diamond to shout corruption?

  6. If this were Faessel, Kring or Murray it would be front page news on Voice of OC with some incendiary headline about corruption as well as all the Tait funded blogs that his buddies run. Hypocrisy is alive and well.

  7. Thanks for posting this news. Given the State has verified that she broke the law, she must resign. Her actions (votes) were criminal. I trust law enforcement agencies are investigating Denise Barnes as well. The city must know go back and invalidate each of her illegal votes – it was illegal for her to vote on items where she knowingly had a financial conflict.

    It will be impossible for her to defend herself in court. Of course she knew where her husband was employed….of course she new what she doing was illegal.

    This is a textbook case of political corruption. Very sad it has come to my city.

    • Up With Anaheim

      Denise Barnes has been a nothing-sandwich as a council person, but “criminal”? “Corruption”? No.

      This looks like a civil violation and she’s paid the penalty. She’s so in over her head it make sense that she didn’t understand the Form 700 rules when she was filling them out.

      Maybe she’ll be up to speed on how things work by the end of her council term.

      • You are absolutely wrong. It is a criminal violation to vote on an item where you knowingly have a financial interest. Denise Barnes has don’t this repeatedly. The FPPC only deals with reporting violations. Other agencies will prosecutute.

  8. Art. Have any of you ever seen a form 700 or the rule book that goes with it. Everyone makes mistakes and errors unless you have an expert fill it out for you. Looks like he works for a lot of tv outlets. Not hard to miss one. anyway unless he can influence Disney Corp it does not make a lot of difference. and ARTIC was started in the Pringle/Daly era and Tait was not envolved at that time. It’s easy to find guilt when you don’t know what your talking about. By the way I have paid FPPC fines for errors and emissions that I did not catch.

    • This is no clerical error. Denise Barnes broke the law by repeatedly casting votes on issues related to her husband’s business …even after she disclosed she had a financial conflict. She needs to be prosecuted.

    • Barnes claimed she was an accounting manager for a tech firm and helped her husband run a property management firm. Wouldn’t that infer that she shouldn’t be making routine errors on financial documents?

      • There is no clerical error here. This is blantant criminal activity. Denise Barnes is in deep legal trouble, and rightfully so.

    • Longtime Anaheim Resident

      Mr. Brown, excuse me but Tait was a councilman during the Daly/Tait era and supported ARTIC then just like he did as Mayor when he agreed for the city to spend millions to buy the property from the county. Tait owns that project as much or more than Daly and Pringle. And just for fun, I looked up the 700 form. There is nothing confusing about listing your spouses income. It’s very straightforward. She was clearly trying to hide her Disney income from voters. No way to explain that away as a simple mistake. I’ve watched city hall for many many years. This is shady!

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