May Day In Orange County: Progressive-Left Marches In Anaheim and Santa Ana

[Cross-posted from OC Daily]

It was May Day yesterday, and leftists, progressives, union activists marched in the county’s two largest cities – Anaheim and Santa Ana.

Radical political elements were more prominent in the Santa Ana march…

The scene was more union-dominated at the OC Central Labor Council-sponsored march in downtown Anaheim…

Among politicos seen and hear: Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva; 4th District Supervisor candidate Joe Kerr; Anaheim Councilman Dr. Jose F. Moreno; Kia Hamadanchy, one of the candidates running in the 45th CD against Rep. Mimi Walters.

In both locations, the top-tier causes of the progressive-Left were represented. As usual, the dominant theme was support for illegal immigration, which ought to be unusual because it has depressing effect on wages, which is something you’d think labor unions would oppose. As a matter of fact, many of the political issues represented on signs and in chants are remote from the interests of working people, or even undercut their interests. At the same time, the Orange County marches were at least peaceful, in contrast to May Day marches around the country that were marked by organized violence. This is due to the relatively small presence of Black Bloc antifas in the OC processions.

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  1. Good time for ICE to move in.

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