April 25 Council Agenda Preview

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In addition to Councilman Jose Moreno’s resolution opposing the Trump Administration’s 90-day suspension of travel and immigration from six Middle Eastern countries, here are some additional items the Anaheim City Council will consider:

Re-Populating City Commissions and Boards
All members of city boards and commissions were asked to resign as part of the Tait Majority’s determination to vertically realign all these bodies along council district lines.  Each councilmember will make an appointment to each commission. Councilmembers can appoint people from outside their districts, but under the “Moreno Rule” are only supposed to do so in the event there is no qualified applicant from within their district.

The council is slated to fill 56 commission vacancies tonight:

  • Budget, Technology and Investment (7 appointments)
  • Community Services Board (7 appointments)
  • Cultural and Heritage Commission (7 appointments)
  • Housing and Community Development Commission (9 appointments)
  • Parks and Recreation Commission (7 appointments)
  • Planning Commission (7 appointments)
  • Public Utilities Board (7 appointments)
  • Library Board (5 appointments – at-large)

Click here to see a list of applicants. In some cases – as in the District 4 appointment to the Budget, Technology and Investment Committee and the District 1 appointment to Planning Commission – no applications had been submitted by the deadline.

Homelessness Commission or Task Force
Councilman Jose Moreno has requested the formation of a homelessness commission or task force – although it is difficult to see what yet another exercise in talking about the issue – which is a serious problem in Anaheim – will accomplish.

Already in existence is the Anaheim Homeless Collaborative made up of more than 100 participants from public agencies, non-profits, and faith-based organizations. It meets twice monthly; half the meetings are open to the public. The council gets an update on the homelessness issue every other meeting.

Nothing stands in the way of anyone with an enterprising idea or program for alleviating homelessness in Anaheim from participating in the Collaborative or pitching those idea directly to city council members.

Talk about homelessness is not in short supply in Anaheim. The problem, from the perspective of negatively-impacted residents and business owners, is the exploding homeless encampments, most notoriously along the Santa Ana River and adjacent to Angel Stadium, and along the 91 Freeway between Harbor and Lemon. The city and the county are paralyzed and have allowed these villages to spring up. Nearby residents and businesses are paying the price. There’s little reason to expect another chin-stroking exercise will improve the situation.

Transparency for City Boards and Commissions
The council will consider increasing the transparency of city board commission deliberations by video and/or audio recording their meetings, posting agendas, minutes and staff reports on the city website, ensuring Brown Act compliance and other transparency enhancing measure.

At least some good, and no harm, can come of this.


  1. Isn’t there a limit to how many boards one can wish for. There are a couple of folks who seem to be listed for every board and committee? What is the policy?

  2. How sad to see experienced board members removed out of spite. It is evident that this was done solely as revenge and political payback. Residents volunteer for boards and offer up their free time to serve their city and better their communities. Yet Tait and his puppet majority removed the ones who were appointed by Murray. Not because they were poor board members or derelict in their duties. Only because of who appointed them. How do Tait supporters condone this?
    Anaheim is circling the drain.

  3. For pure hilarity, check out Diamond’s public comments from last nights meetibg. He’s hopelessly out of breath from running from the parking lot to the mic. Get more exercise! Huff and puff!

    • That is not nice

    • Maybe if he had clients that paid him to be there he’d be on time.

      • I probably would have already been there, in that case. I hadn’t intended to come in at all — but when I saw the melee with white nationalists (of both white and brown skin tone) disrupting the meeting, I decided that I had some things that I wanted to say. I was watching the video on my phone, so I knew pretty much exactly how much time I had — and yes, the last 50 yards or so were a sprint.

        Those who watch it will see that I asked people who were disgusted by the displays that they’d seen before NOT to consider it just some televised sideshow, but to see it as signs of the rot of our democratic customs — and to actively and publicly get involved in standing up against it. If you want me to feel even slight shame about that, you brave anonymous keyboard jockey, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

        Now: why did old commissioners get removed? Because the previous Councils had for years stacked them with the sorts of people who would never ever ask the sorts of questions that led to the revelations of the workshop earlier that day. Watch me being out of breath, sure — if you’ll also take some time and watch the video of that workshop. I’d say that we’ll all be talking about that *a lot*, wouldn’t you, Matt?

        • Oh sure, Greg. Despite his best efforts, Councilman Moreno was unable to turn up any evidence that Disney had not lived up to its part of the bargain. Doubtless you’ll be talking about that.

          • “Despite his best efforts”?

            The Council is supposed to certify that Disney has satisfied its obligations, for the past year, under the governing contracts.

            Before the workshop yesterday, there was some doubt as to whether the Council was getting correct information from Staff — and, indeed, whether current staff had ever even READ the contracts.

            Now, after the workshop, there no doubt remains: the staff had NOT read the contracts, and they were NOT giving correct information to the Council over these years. And so now that the situation has been identified, it can be remedied.

            Call me a “good government romantic,” but having unearthed that as part of these hearings seems like an inarguable GOOD. So your trying to blame Dr. Moreno for something, in this respect, is amusing.

            As for there being “no evidence” that Disney “had not lived up to its part of the bargain”: would you like to make a wager on that? Of course, that’s a different question from whether Disney did anything wrongful. I take it that, if they DID, you would prefer NOT to know? “Good government in action!”

            • A wager? Greg, I endeavor to have as little interaction as possible with you.

              You seem to be the only one who believes the the workshop turned up all this incompetence. 6 Of 7 council members voted “yes” that Disney was in compliance. Is Tom Tait now a Disney dupe? Moreno could only abstain.

              You can only cry wolf so many times, Greg, before nobody takes you seriously.

        • A sprint you say? I thought we were having an earthquake.

          • Perhaps so; you don’t seem like the brightest bulb around.

            • Now I know what King Kong sounds like when he runs complete with grunting, wheezing, and ape sounds.

              • This commenter deserves more prominence, Matt. Rarely is the collective wit of this website distilled into such a pure form.

                • Greg, how do you stand the fiery brilliance of your cosmic intellect on a daily basis? Is it not a burden to be the human carriage of such towering genius?

                  • Oh, come on, Matt — surely at some level you find featuring “now I know what King Kong sounds like when he runs complete with grunting, wheezing, and ape sounds” on your site embarrassing.

                    “Cosmic intellect,” as shown by my swatting a few flies here? I presume that you’re grading me on a curve with your other commenters.

        • I wish I had the time to show up randomly at our city Council meetings to get my three minutes of fame. And I wish I had the time to post comments at 2 o’clock in the morning too.

          • Awww. You seem jealous! Don’t feel bad, Wack — I’m sure that you’re doing just the best you can with what you have.

            • I wish I had time to attend meetings or post at 2 in the morning too. I am not the least bit jealous of Greg Diamond or his life choices.

              • Televised sideshowstelevised sideshows are only good for finger puppet shows

              • “Wack” and “Out of Breath” — hey, it looks like you’ve finally found your peer group!

                I don’t know what you have against our public safety officers, our troops, our beach cleaning crews (of which I was once part, 2 to 10:30 shift), our ER staff, and others who are awake at 2:00 a.m. It seems like an especially ridiculous prejudice.

                • Do you know where I can buy short sleeve plaid shirts that don’t Fit?

                • That peer group benefits society. I’m not sure what you benefit other than filling three minute with drivel that’s generally incorrect.

  4. Maybe some of the board/ comission members are being replaced because of the way they voted.

  5. These were volunteer residents – not politicians. Just ridiculous what the Tait majority did to our residents who’ve given so much time to the city for years. Disgusting lack of kindness!

  6. Will DPOC criticize Moreno for voting against several Democrats?

    • Let me draw you out on that. Explain what you mean. Whom did he vote against and why? Don’t worry, nothing could possibly go wrong here.

  7. Anaheimergency

    Dear city Manager/Mayor/City Council of Anaheim:

    Get your city in line….just this week between the kkk, murders in park, school gun activity, human trafficking, violence and crime gone crazy, Anaheim doesn’t need to be easy on anyone. Just toughen up, and clean up Anaheim! This doesn’t have anything to do with previous comments….IM JUST SICK OF IT!


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