Immigration Task Force: Tait, Moreno Oppose Full Transparency, Fueling Sanctuary City Concerns

Residents are wondering what’s really behind the “Welcoming Anaheim” immigration task force, a proposal by progressive Democrat Councilman Jose F. Moreno and Mayor Tom Tait. Concerns were only heightened after a recent exchange when Councilmember Kris Murray asked for full transparency for the task force meetings – which Tait and Moreno vocally opposed.

The immigration task force is the latest in a series of city initiatives aiming to build up “social muscle” and “connection.” This one is aimed at the city’s immigrant population in order to make them feel more valued. Leaving aside whether self-esteem building is a core function of city government, the apprehension stems from Moreno’s open support for making Anaheim a sanctuary city and the overlap between sanctuary city status and being a “Welcoming City.”

For the February 7 Anaheim City Council meeting, Councilmember Kris Murray had agendized an action to apply full public transparency to the Welcoming Anaheim Task Force – including livecasting the meetings and archiving the video for viewing by residents and others unable to attend the meetings. Moreno objected and tacitly accused Murray of being a bigot, criticizing her request as “dog whistle politics.” [More about that exchange here.]

Mayor Tom Tait pushed back hard, going so far as to say it was “a mistake on my part” to have sought council creation of the task force, since that action made it subject to the Brown Act open government law. He took up Councilman James Vanderbilt’s suggestion to “un-couple” the task force from Brown Act transparency rules by repealing the original council authorization:

As it turns out, there is no item on today’s agenda to rescind the city council action authorization of the Welcoming Anaheim Task Force, and there won’t be according to several sources. Presumably the mayor and Councilman Moreno decided rescinding the council authorization so the task force could operate outside of transparency laws was not worth the negative public perception of such a course. The first Welcoming Anaheim Task Force meeting took place on February 17 (more on that later) and subsequent meetings will be publicly noticed and open to the public.


  1. I too do not believe it’s the city’s “job” to boost the immigrants morale to make them feel more valued.
    And its just so shifty and underhanded how they ard trying to turn Anaheim into a sanctuary city.

    Just wrong. And shifty.

  2. Anaheim needs to FOLLOW THE LAW.
    If the Immigrants ” have followed the law and are here legally, why would their morale need any boosting?
    More focus should be on the homeless population made up of many mentally ill and Vetrans.
    Help OUR citizens!
    Agree with previous poster.

  3. My question is simple, non-partisan and direct:

    “Why do Mayor Tait and councilmember Moreno oppose complete transparency?”

    What is their reasoning? Have they explained this? If not why?

    It only makes sense that a public public….Right?

    Maybe CATER can help?

  4. Kring called for an up or down vote on sanctuary city status. Moreno threw a fit. Why is he so afraid to govern?

    • maybe he doesn’t know how to…maybe his agenda is sketchy…maybe he’s a fake in all likely he probably lost the race but the illegal voters helped him…we will see in 2 years…#uonlyget2yearsbruh

  5. Anaheim does not need to boost the moral of illegal immigrants. How about boosting the residents morals and legal immigrants ? . I always knew Moreno was shifty. That is why we, meaning the parents and I protested outside the school district building to kick Moreno off the school board. He has his own agenda.
    I will personally let everyone know what Tait and Moreno want to do so we could protest outside city hall. If they are so worried about the morals of illegal immigrants then why don’t Tait and Moreno take them in?

    • please don’t get me started on the fake / stab you in the back / king of flip floppers tait #he’salmostdone

  6. Jose has backtrac ked on eveyrthing from sanctuary city status to camping ordinance. he does whatever Tait wants him to do. Do the most good for Tait should be his campaign slogan

  7. Lucille also apparently pulled her item to vote on whether or not we’re a Sanctuary City. I can think of lots of reasons she shoulda done that – you wanna be helpful? You’re part of that crowd. Why was it pulled?

    Spoiler alert, we already are one, and haters like Lucille are not going to change that.

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