Bedlamheim: Interim City Attorney On Chopping Block After 5 Weeks And A National Search.

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One of the agenda items for the next Anaheim city council meeting is the employment status of current interim Anaheim City Attorney Arturo Fierro, and if Mayor Tom Tait has his way, Fierro will be fired after five weeks on the job.  Besides playing Scrooge instead of the Mayor of the City of Kindness, Tait wants to fire the successful candidate of a months long search and hire someone who doesn’t want the job.

Tait wants Fierro fired — which comes at a cost of half of Fierro’s $210,500 salary as a severance — and hire Kristin Pelletier, who sources tell TheLiberalOC doesn’t even want the job.

Fierro came to Anaheim from Chino, where he was the assistant city attorney.  He was also a contract city attorney for the cities of Coachella and Cudahy. He graduated from Harvard Law and is a partner at the Chino-based Gutierrez, Fierro & Erickson.  He is (was) the first Latino to hold the post in Anaheim; Cristina Talley was the first Latina to hold the job.

Fierro was the successful candidate from a national recruitment drive that garnered 25 applications for the position.

Firing Fierro means he collects $105K severance and the city is on the hook for whatever expense they paid the recruiting firm, which now faces a daunting task of trying to recruit another City Attorney to Anaheim.  Good luck with that.

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  1. So you’re okay with throwing away $105,000 of tax payer money because they mayor doesn’t like the city attorney? He’s on,y been there a couple weeks. Has he shown some level of incompetence?

  2. Matt, will you stand by your goombah’s assertion that Fierro is receiving a half-year’s severance? You know better, so why are you allowing your readers to be misled?

    • Oh, pipe down. First, Dan is not a “goombah.” Second, he is his own person. Third, it is not my job to fact check commenters. Fourth, I don’t know what Fierro’s severance is. Finally, you are in no position to lecture anyone about misleading readers.

      • Greg, posted for fact checking purposes here on the severance.

        Goombah is a derogatory term for Italian Americans. Shame on you for using it

      • Matt, you reprinted the assertion above in THIS VERY STORY! Yes, it IS “your job” to fact check it, especially when it is about the city on which this blog focuses! He’s not acting as a “commenter” here, but as a de facto contributor.

        If you didn’t know what Fierro’s severance is, you should not have published this inaccurate story. Did your Anaheim sources tell you that this was true? Will you at least RETRACT it now?

        Dan, that contract did not go forward because of (1) citizen outrage and (2) the belated discovery that HE HAD REPRESENTED CRISTINA TALLEY in her case against the City. Had you looked at the contract offered on the day when his contract was actually approved, you’d know this.

        “Goombah” is an Italian term, but it doesn’t apply only to Italians. The first definition that comes up for me on Google is “an associate or accomplice, especially a senior member of a criminal gang.” See, it doesn’t specify ethnicity!

        • Pipe down and stop taking yourself so seriously. And again, you’re in no position to criticize anyone about fact-checking or accuracy.

          • DC: HE USED A RACIST WORD!

            Me: It’s *not* a racist word.

            Matt: Stop defending yourself at once!

            You really want to get into a comparative “accuracy” contest, Matt? I might just be willing to take you up on that. But … wouldn’t that involve taking myself too seriously?

            • Greg – this isn’t high school. Maybe it really matters to you to “win” (at least in your mind) blog exchanges. I really don’t care that much.

            • “You really want to get into a comparative “accuracy” contest, Matt?”

              Let’s see. How about the time you inserted into a post the the lie that I had been hired by STR owners? Or just a few days ago, you regurgitated the Vern Nelson/Cynthia Ward lie that I represented strip club owners? [Not to mentioned your grotesque interpretation of the slider image thumbnail – you might want to examine your own psyche on that one, Greg.]

              Here’s some free advice, Greg: move out of your glass house if you want to throw rocks.

        • Screwball
          He didn’t work for Tally. He represented a contractor in a public works case. Do your homework and check YOUR facts.

          • document the Talley representation Greg.

            • That will not be possible because he’s fabricating. Fake news.

              • I could be misinformed on that detail, but I’m not fabricating. But I can certainly understand why you wouldn’t say that under your real name, squeaky.

                • So you didn’t fabricate something you were misinformed about?

                  • Meanwhile no retraction over YOUR mistake? Greg was correct about the phantom severance. Dan needs to stick to Irvine, he’s too easily and happily used by the destructive people up here.

                • No. he fabricated something he chose to make up or not fact check. Fake news. If he’s misinformed that’d begg the question what “insider” gave him the fake news. I’m sure he’ll disclose his misinforming source. The same way I guess he’d like to know who’s calling BS on his fake news but choose to do so by psudonim.

            • What is it you say, Dan, about not being other people’s monkey?

              I was told this by at least two credible sources, who could themselves have been mistaken. What we can all agree on is that he applied for (and was almost confirmed for) the position of City Attorney WHILE HE WAS SUING THE CITY. If you had a portion of your brain devoted to ethics, I’d ask you to focus it on that clause in caps.

              • “…City Attorney WHILE HE WAS SUING THE CITY…”

                Mayor Tait spearheaded the city hiring Wiley Aitken to be the city’s negotiator with the Angels WHILE HE WAS SUING THE CITY and I don’t recall any objection from you or your pals.

                • Excuse me Greg, but aren’t you involved with a lawsuit … Suing the city no less?

                  The folks running the search were aware. Professionals handle searches like this all the time.

                • And Counselor Screwball advises the mayor behind the scenes with very bad legal advize while suing the city a bunch of times and loozing big time. Sounds like the same thing to me.

                • Hey, I missed the part where Greg was attempting to be City Attorney.

        • There is no mention of exact severance in the agreed upon contract. But Voice of OC’s reporting and Tait’s quotes about the excessive severance are certainly the last statement of record on the matter. Perhaps you ought to apply for the Job. You’ve sued Anaheim but love Tait.

          And lastly on “goombah,” you’re implying I’m a senior member of a criminal gang. That certainly meets every standard for libel. You wrote something about me that’s knowingly false with intent to defame. It’s a derogatory term you should never use. It reveals your bigotry. For a guy who’s fast to demand takedown notices, you’ve demonstrated you can dish it out but can’t take it. You’re a sad jerk Greg.

          • Yeah, my Anaheim sources confirmed the severance. Stick it

            • Well then they lied to you! You should be used to it by now — not that you care.

              • Firing someone without cause five weeks into the job; say hello to a wrongful termination suit.

                • “At will” employment means that no “cause” is required. There’s no way that he’d prove that the factors that would ground a wrongful termination suit would apply in this case; Steve Faessel’s comments would take care of that all by themselves.

                  I’d explain more about employment law to you — it’s a major part of my business, after all — but I think that I’d have to charge you for the aggravation.

                  • A major part of your business? Hahaha. I thought that was blogging.

                    So why dump Fierro? Was he bad at his job? Too old? Too Latino?

                    Incompetent? None of that. It was mean spirited and vindictive of a Mayor who preaches kindness but doesn’t practice it

                    • Happy holidays agree. I have an employment law lawyer as a guest at my home tonight. She’s says Fierro could certainly sue on several fronts. I’d like to read Tait’s deposition. I think she’s much better at her job than you are based on the home she owns, the car she drives, the college her kid attends. But happy holidays to you all the same

  3. I’m not Vern. And where is the gross sexual language in this post?

  4. Goombah is considered derogatory if used by anyone other than an Italian to another Italian.

    • My wife is Italian-American and my kids are half; perhaps Greg should just go straight to using the N-word, or a host of slurs directed towards Latinos, Jewish people, and the handicapped?

      But as far as the factual claim on the severance, Greg can go after Thy Vo’s coverage on the Voice of OC and quotes from Tait himself.

      • Yes, surely that follows, as night follows dayyam, *what*?

        I’ll explain this one more time: originally, Fierro was to get a contract that would give him severance. That’s is probably what Thy Vo’s and Tom Tait’s quotes address. (If not, then they were mistaken — but I’m confident that at least Tair was not. And Thy has quite a good batting average.) When they came back to appoint him, it was with a different contract that did not include severance.

        I expect that unless your source was the chronically confused Kring, your sources did not misinform you and you are referencing a conversation about the earlier contract. But they could be lying to you, because when you want to believe something it would not be hard at all to get you to believe it.

    • It’s derogatory regardless who uses it

    • I was going to say that there’s no reason to respect the assertion of some anonymous coglione about any fact — but then I realized that you’re STILL more credible than Dan.

  5. So the city wasted about $25k on a recruiter. One wonders why Tait never spoke up when the search began but only after a candidate was selected. Fiery wasn’t fired for cause. He was just fired. Lawsuit?

    • Not “the city”; only the former Council majority.

      • Tait was fully aware of the search.

        • This was nothing more than political payback. Get ready. More is coming.

        • Tait was aware of everything that they were doing, but they wielded the Council majority like a truncheon on almost all contested items over the past five years. He couldn’t stop it. That’s the point. He also couldn’t talk about what happened during closed session — although Kring and Murray just did exactly that. I suppose that they still believe that they don’t have to follow the rules.

  6. Yes: “Lucky bastards.”

  7. Most Anaheimers could care less about Chomper, Drowsy Loko and the rest of the Gangs Vern tries to protect.

    What a misguided soul.

  8. “…which comes at a cost of half of Fierro’s $210,500 salary as a severance …”

    Still up there. A blogger with an ounce of self-respect would have corrected/deleted that by now.

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