District 3: Moreno Edges Brandman For The Win

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Every day since Election Day, leftist Chicano Studies professor Jose F. Moreno has chipped away at the lead of Councilman Jordan Brandman. By Friday, the two Democrats were tied, and this evening’s ballot counting update put Moreno 44 votes ahead of Brandman:

D3 tally 11-21

While there are reportedly some challenged ballots still to be counted in District 3, it’s fair to say Moreno has won. While a recount is possibile, a margin of 44 votes out of 12,691 is tough to reverse.  The last successful recount was mounted by Janet Nguyen in the the 2007 1st Supervisor District special election. She was trailing by 7 votes after the counting was completed; the recount flipped that to a 7 vote lead, and ballot challenges reduced that to 3.

Moreno’s candidacy was the cause celebre of central Orange County’s growing cadre of radical progressive activists (a number of whom have been elected to local government during recent cycles). Militant unions like UNITE-HERE and SEIU were all in, as were the membership of leftist groups like OCCORD and OCCCO. Progressive allies like Anaheim Union High School District trustee (and Moreno campaign manager) Al Jabbar and Anaheim Elementary School District trustee Ryan Ruelas have not been shy about employing district resources and students to support Moreno’s campaign.

This quest to turn Orange County blue also received major support from GOP Mayor Tom Tait and ersatz conservative donor Howard Ahmanson, who spent nearly $100,000 on behalf of Tait’s endorsed council candidates. Tait and Ahmanson can now take considerable responsibility to election of the most radical leftist in Orange County local government – and to the city council of Orange County’s largest, most important city. Their assistance has been invaluable to the success of an ongoing progressive effort to roll-back conservatism in Orange County.

Myopic is too charitable a description. Just incredible.

Senate District 29
It was not a good day for Republican Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang, who fell behind Democrat Josh Newman for the first time in Orange County (where the bulk of SD29 voters live):

SD29 tally 11-21

Reportedly, Democrat turnout in Anaheim really hurt Chang and helped Newman.

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  1. Your Northern Neighbor

    I’m a coward.

  2. Your Northern Neighbor

    I’m a coward.

  3. Congrats to Moreno…but can he and his minions back off all the “the people have spoken” rhetoric as if he won some kind of mandate?

    64% of District 3 voters voted for someone else. Moreno should keep that in mind before he starts acting like he’s started some kind of revolution.

    But I’m probably wasting my breath.

    Oh, and congrats to Tom Tait for electing a socialist to the Anaheim City Council.

    • Why a socialist?

      In life sometimes you meet extraordinary people that have only goodness in their hearts.
      At 61 I do feel that Dr Moreno is one of those people and I have met only a few in my life that I can remember. Dr Moreno, Arturo and my father are a few.
      The problem is politics is not favorable to people with only goodness in their hearts.
      So only with the help of a higher authority can they ever hope to play this game and win. Then perhaps bring their positive thoughts and energy to a city like Anaheim.
      The higher authority must have another important path for Arturo.

      • We so appreciate Arturo Ferreras who is a stand up American who is fair to all people and would have made decisions with only the betterment of all people in mind. We stand behind him in solidarity and are so proud of the campaign he ran. He would not smear his opponent and depend on dark money. We can only hope this experience has not deterred Arturo from politics and that his opponent is fortunate to draw the short straw. Arturo Ferreras is the real deal.

        Darkness can not drive out darkness only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate only love can do that. – Martin Luther King

        • Arturro did not “depend on dark money”

          Since you seem to be involed in Artiro campaign and believe in transparency can you tell us where Arturo got the $7,000 or was it $8,000 to gift his campaign? Who paid for his 10 to 12 weekend walkers? Who paid for Armando Telles?
          I will believe your Arturro is the sunlight , goodness, needed in Anaheim once you answer these questions!

          • Actually his walkers were volunteers one being his wife. I saw his walkers in my neighborhood. They were volunteers. I will try to find the Telles question’s answer. But I know the walkers were volunteers.

            Joseph he is good. He is someone who truly does not do someones bidding when making decisions. He follows what is right for the people he represents. When lucille kring went very low. he would not go low, staying true to himself and going high. He never smeared her in print day after day. He only debated or spoke the facts and voting history. I hope kring gets the short straw and District 4 gets another chance to have him. He is the real deal and so is his wife Kelly. The stay true to themselves and their beliefs.

      • With all due respect, ekiM snibboR, if Jose Moreno had the LEAST BIT of goodness in his heart, as you claim, he would stand up and LOUDLY denounce the IE, from Howard Ahmanson, He would shout out that he despises his HOMOPHOBIC views and he wants nothing to do with it, even if it cost him a council seat.

        instead, he takes money from him, meanwhile having been hosted by OC’s most vocal LGBT activist, at a fund raiser. IN Jeff LeTournueo’s home no less. So one one hand, he takes money from AIDS activist LeTourneu and his husband on the other he remains silent when the BIGGEST contributor to STOP same sex marriage gives thousands to support him. THAT IT IS HYPOCRITICAL.

        Meanwhile, this gentle heart soul, you mentioned petioned the court to release a VILOENT wife beater. A spun out of control batterer.

        So, congratulations on the win, but spare us the “good guy” narrative. Jose Moreno is a race hustling, upward mobile jack.

        I’ll reserve my comments on his race baiting hyperbole earlier this week for later, I have 325 meals to serve to the “RiverPeople” Thirsday. Something tells me the Moreno’s won’t be helping.

        • About Ahmanson, bunky: working your side of the street, as you anonymously do, it may not occur to you that some independent expenditures actually ARE independent, and that Moreno’s campaign did not take a dime from Howard Ahmanson, nor did he solicit any financial support,, and certainly did not do anything to tolerate Ahmanson’s homophobia.

          To his credit, Howard the A has become quite a fighter against corruption in recent years. He deserves credit for that, but only for that, and giving that credit does not compromise one’s ability to criticize him where he most richly deserves it.

          But someone of your sophistication surely already knows this, and is just hoping that his readership is less on the ball when it comes to understanding that politics sometimes makes strange bedfellows. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

          • My point very clearly was, simply, Jose can NOT stand on the side of gay rights and marriage equality while refusing to denounce LOUDLY and clearly Ahmason and Taits IE’s.

            “I will do my best to F$%K with any bigot who F$%ks with you is how it goes isn’t it?

            It has nothing to do with bedfellows, it has to do with a COWARD and upward mobile selfishness, to get elected. Just ask his sister in law.

            Jose owes the LGBT community an explaination if not an apology.

            • Well, the Brandman campaign had no control over what Disney spent on their IEs. Unless Mr. Diamond has proof otherwise. Mr.Letourneau is a situational hypocrite.

        • Jose had not control over what Ahmanson spent.

          • You are correct, however, he has a voice, what seems to be an incredibly shallow one.

            If you allow a bigot to stand, what good is opposing him?

            • Oh, look, Jason — anonymous guy wants to complain about someone else not using their ‘voice”! Precious!

              • First I’ve heard of it, good ol’ kenlaysnotdead. God, it must feel good for you to interact with me, given how saucy you’ve been getting in your spiked comments to OJB! But, alas, I’m only going to take you as seriously as you warrant — which is to say “not at all.”

                You have some tells, did you know that? Those eight words exhibit at least three of them. Keep quivering with impotent rage; it suits you!

          • Disney IEs for Brandman and Kring are proof they are Disney puppets.

            But when right-wing homophobe Ahamnson does IEs for Moreno, then they suddenly ARE independent expenditures for which Moreno bears no responsibility.

            Classic hypocrisy. Thanks, Jason!

            • And Greg Diamond, too – don’t want to leave him unrecognized for his double-standard.

              • I’ll tell you what: let’s get Jose and Ahmanson swearing under oath about their degree of coordination.

                Then let’s get Jordan (and Kring, and Murray, and Lodge) swearing under oath about THEIR degree of coordination.

                Who do you think would have to lie to cover up their actions?

                Hey, Matt — you in on this?

                • Here we have that special Greg Diamond surreality: he wants to out others under oath in order to disprove his conspiracy theories.

                  • Only as a legitimate part of the legal process, Matt.

                    Wise of you not to answer my question, by the way.

                    • Good grief. It’s remarkable how frequently you stoop to vaguely threatening legal action against people with whom you disagree. You are such a putz.

                      You regularly make stupid, uninformed statements and claims. You have falsely claimed or implied I’m on the payroll of this or that interest or entity. You do the same thing to others, sometimes accompanied by some lame rationalization. Why should any reasonable, normal person waste time rebutting your weird, theories?

                    • And if “Jordan (and Kring, and Murray, and Lodge) swearing under oath about THEIR degree of coordination” were to swear they have no contact with the IEs, would that matter to you? You just wouldn’t believe it? Do you have any proof or evidence? If you do, I am willing to let fact dictate my opinion. But right now, I don’t think any campaign had any direct interaction with any IE absent proof. If you have it, show it. If you don’t, honestly STFU

                    • Jubal, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

                      But you do know about some things. Who has funded your sites over the past six years or so? That’s one you ought to be able to answer.

                      Chumley: I’m not going to try to explain anything to you, as your skull is impermeable.

                      I won’t tell you to “honestly STFU.” because I don’t think you can do ANYTHING honestly.

                    • Honesty isn’t a quality you possess.

                      Buy some actual shoes for the Holidays. Sandals after Labor Day, meh…..

                    • Yeah, you’re EXACTLY who I look to for fashion advice. You’re not in upstate New York anymore — whether or not you realize it. Get the tree branch out of your redacted. (Saved you the trouble of redacting it, Jubal.)

                      Your “I know you are but what am I?” comment was very persuasive. Sorry, let me explain — that response wasn’t “dishonesty,” it was “sarcasm.”

                    • Is your calling me “Jubal” intended to be clever or insulting?

                    • Why choose?

                      I know at one time you denied writing as “Jubal” (and, from what I hear, engaging in sockpuppetry) but I thought that you had since owned up to it. Are you denying it?

                    • Jubal was the pen name under which I started and ran OC Blog; the point of pen names is you don’t use your real name. Maybe one day, your scribblings will be one-tenth of the quality of what we did on OC Blog.

                      Also, henceforth, any comment containing a reference to you is automatically going to moderation and thence most likely to the trash bin. You are a magnet for trashiness; your personality and online behavior attracts nastiness, and I’m tired of your dragging it here.

                    • “Chumley: I’m not going to try to explain anything to you, as your skull is impermeable.”

                      Translation; you have no proof but you’re convinced it exists.

                      “Yeah, you’re EXACTLY who I look to for fashion advice. ”

                      Well, when I want advice on where to buy short sleeve plaid shirts one size too small to wear in November, I’ll call you.

                      Lastly, since you went to college in NYC and worked there, I’m surprised you’ve never been to “Chumley’s” which is a historic speakeasy in Manhattan. It just re-opened as a restaurant after being closed for nearly 10 years. My college roommate and I used to go there in the late 90s when I was in Manhattan on business; the name brings back warm memories for me and its a place where people like William Faulkner, Eugene O’Neill, John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemmingway used to like to drink at when they were in the Village. It’s on Bedford; no sign on the door which is probably how you missed it. If they have a T-shirt, I’ll pick up one for you my next trip back. 2X or 3X for you?

                    • It’s amusing and illuminating that Greg is so quick to issue “take down notices” of this or that comment he believes to be a personal attack, but he’s thinks it is just fine for him to personally attack or demean other people.

                • So what we have here is Greg Diamond admitting he has no proof and then accusing Mr. Cuningham of having his site funded by the Anaheim Chamber also without proof. Is Tait funding the OJ blog? He must be…..

                  • If “Jubal” is “clever” or “insulting” (or neither, most likely), perhaps someone should knight Mr. Dimond as “screwball”.

    • How about no
      One did. Do you have proof otherwise Diamond? If not, shut up

      • I’m not sure what you’re talking about, because you posted this as a reply to Angel Van Stark’s smiley. Without context, it makes you look unbalanced. Well, *more* unbalanced.


  5. You do make an interesting point with the allocation of resources from AUHS district on behalf on DR Moreno.

    Could you file a complaint for not reporting this independent expenditure with the city and state.?

  6. Why do you not complain about Disney controlling the election?

    • Because what you define as “controlling the election” through campaign contributions the Supreme court defines as freedom of speech. On the other hand, government entities should not be in coordination with candidates. The post election victory party shows, AUHSD superintendent, Matusuda at the party, along with the Anaheim high school Bros teacher Ryan Ruelas and Al Jabbar who a AUHSD Trustee. Do you really sanction government institutions using young impressionable young minds to elect political candidates? Bad precedent!

  7. I can answer that one….because for every dollar that can traced to anyone who has ever met Tom Tait or traveled through the state of Wyoming, Disney allowed to spend 10 times that amount.

    The current majority has been very loyal to their sponsors as evidenced by the give away of the grove of Anaheim. Why the rush? Because real public scrutiny would kill the deal. So as on final f u to people of Anaheim and one final thank you to his money guys he joined Ethel and Louise for one more joy ride off the cliff. Thanks Jordo! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Bye bye!!

  8. Follow the trail of cheese to Disney and stop unfair influence on elections from happening ever again. No business entity is allowed to control an election for financial gain. Why has this never had a flood light shown on it? Why do we allow this to go on? If this is not investigated do you not think they are going to come back harder the next election which is just in two years? They will fight to regain the majority because it is a good business decision. It will bring the highest yield. We must change or enforce our election laws so the people of Anaheim are elected fairly by the people, for the people.

    • “enforce our election laws” What election laws are you referring to that were broken. Please cite where so i will stop assuming you are just some blind follower who is just repeating what you heard.

      I don’t know where you have been but Anaheim elections have always been influenced by companies, groups, unions, associations, people who have had a interests in Anaheim. Do a Google search, view some older news paper stories. There is nothing illegal with this practices. It’s a freedom of expression, a right that shouldn’t be restricted.

      Moreover, this is not something nonexistent in other cities, the state or our federal government.

      Will the new city council majority do an expensive, time consuming audit of the previous council actions? No

      Will the new city council enact city ordinances that restrict big money from influencing city elections? No

      Will the new city council end the city’s new hotel subsidy program? Yes, but they will not enact a city ordinances that ends or imposes a complete ban on subsidies.

      Where will the new city council be more transparent than the previous city council? i expect nothing grand here other than words.

      Yes, there will be a fight in two years to regain the majority. Mayor Tait will be termed out and im not to sure is he can run for a council seat.

      Then it all depends on who picks the shorter sticks and gets the two year term. If Moreno gets the two year term, i expects him to be less of vocal councilman than he would with a four year term. He won’t be calling for a Sanctuary city status nor will the city council voice its opposition to President Trumps policies, as they want the OC GOP endorsement in two years.

      I’t’s highly unlikely the Mayor seat in two years will go to the pro-Tait member. Barnes is a terrible speaker. Moreno would lose by a landslide , as it is a city wide vote. Vanderbilt wouldn’t risk losing his seat and it all for a slim chance of becoming Mayor.

      I guess we will see if i’m right.

      • I believe Gail Eastman has expressed an interest in running for mayor (although she could run for council is Jose Moreno draws the short straw and has to run again in 2018.

        Wylie Aitken’s daughter Ashleigh is reportedly also interested in running for mayor.

        One question is whether Tom Tait recruits his own mayoral candidate (the most likely scenario), or supports Ashleigh Aitken. As we’ve seen, he is more than willing to enthusiastically campaign for liberal Democrats.

  9. Patience. Coming soon: a Citizens United-proof city ordinance preventing any entity receiving subsidies a million or higher (some of us want to lower that threshhold) from contributing, directly or indirectly, to Anaheim elections.

    • Really? Do you think there are four votes for such an assault on free speech?

        • Really? Tait, Vanderbilt and Barnes are going to vote to restrict free political speech? I know that’s a Holy Grail of the anti-1st Amendment Left, but they supposedly form the conservative conscience of the council.

          • Isn’t having any spending limits at all an assault on free speech?

            In any event, the right to free speech is not a right to free speech without consequences where dealing commercially with the government is concerned. Federal contractors can’t even donate to federal campaigns AT ALL! How would this be different, on a local level?

            • But a federal contractor is performing a task for some department of the federal government. Services paid for services rendered. For any business receiving subsidies tied to economic development efforts, it’s an investment by the city that the economic development efforts will yield greater tax result with the business entity assuming most or all of the risk. Your comparison isn’t valid.

              • Its really funny that these goofballs would propose something that would be ineffective and LESS transperent. No prohibition could prevent IEs, so all you’re left with is banning contributions to the candidates, which are paltry to begin with. There would be less accountability. And that presumes the prohibition meets legal muster.

                PS, why not prevent contributions from those that do work with OCTA and other boards where council members serve? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

            • Donations directly to a candidate can and are regulated.

              Those independent of a candidate are allowed free speech in whatever form and no matter the cost. That makes sense to me – and to the SCOTUS.

    • Free Speech? Donating millions is free speech?

      • Donations directly to a candidate can and are regulated.

        Those independent of a candidate are allowed free speech in whatever form and no matter the cost. That makes sense to me – and to the SCOTUS.

    • It would be sickening if the two year Tait Revolution was about creating a local ordinance that’s not Constotuonally protected and will create enormous litigation expenses.

      But realistically there is no way you’ll get two votes for this type of ordinance. Vern seems to think Tait’s three Republican council members are Josie’s puppets .Vanderbilt needs the OCGOP endorsement in two years so I don’t expect him to support this or anything expanding the size governments role or financial obligations. Barnes see to be a tait puppet.

      Thankfully, as I mentioned before (but after the filing period) Vern was delusional enough to think his wife had a chance otherwise we have to wait 8 years for a power takeover. Thanks Vern.

    • I’m not a lawyer Vern, but until Citizens United can be overturned, I don’t think a city ordinance has sway over federal law.

  10. I do not think the California Fair Political Practices Commission would agree that it is lawful to have a business entitiy influence an election on in which the aforemention entity stands to gain finacially.

  11. What about the California Fair Political Practices Commission’s election campaign contribution control to be specific. I think all parties in an election should be unable to control an election and we should hold that do not accountable, each party, each contributor no matter who they are. Otherwise, we will never have a fair election by the people for the people.

  12. California Fair Political Practices Commission needs to investigate all parties in the recent Anaheim election. Especially kring and brandman and Disney but ALL parties.

  13. Jose Moreno should be for all people, ALL people.

  14. Mr. Anominity Damond…….

    The guy who once bragged he posted more than 1,000 blog posts on DailyKos, as Major Danby, or was it Senneca Doanne???

    Diamond is a pitiful hypocrite.

    • It was both, but spelled correctly.

      Given that you’re posting on a blog by someone who once wrote as “Jubal,” I don’t know how far you want to take this argument, “Brad,” but if Matt allows a discussion of it you shall have it.

      • Greg you are the Cuckoo bird who at every turn accuses anonymous commenters of doing what you apparently did.

        When did YOU see the light?

        But let’s not detract and put the SPOTLIGHT on someone else, answer Brads question: What is different about your 1,000 + blog posts under a phony identity than those that disagree with you???? Other than the obvious?

        H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E = GREG DIAMOND

  15. Did Kring or Brandman get a contribution from a developer wanting to rezone? I wonder…..

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