Anaheim School Board Member Ryan Ruelas Wants Keep State Taxes High

Proposition 30 (passed in 2012) hiked the state sales tax by a quarter cent, and made the state income tax the highest, most progressive in the nation.

Anaheim school board member and progressive teachers union activist Ryan Ruelas wants to keep it that way for at least another 12 years.

The powerful California Teachers Association and other special interests are funding statewide political ads urging voters to approve Proposition 55, which would keep the “temporary” Prop. 30 income tax increases in place for a dozen more years. Surprise!

Among the union activists in the ads urging us to continuing giving the state government a larger share of the people’s money is Ryan Ruelas:

Ruelas is a member of the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education. He is also on the State Council of the CTA and teaches at Anaheim High School – where he runs the AnaheimBROS, a political club for young Latino men which serves as a source of campaign volunteers and precinct walkers for Ruelas, Anaheim council candidate Jose F. Moreno and Moreno’s campaign manager Al Jabbar (another government union activist and member of the Anaheim Union High School District Board of Education).

In addition to working to keep Californians paying among the highest taxes in the nation, Ruelas is putting his energy into electing Jose F. Moreno (District 3), Arturo Ferreras (District 4) and Mark Lopez (District 5) to the Anaheim City Council:


Left to Right: Ryan Ruelas; Mark Lopez; Arturo Ferreras

That would be an interesting question for Moreno, Ferreras and Lopez to answer: are they voting “yes” or “no” on Proposition 55?


  1. Sick of Politics

    Sounds like the temporary tax isn’t so temporary. It’s never enough for schools. Add the bonds that were just approved in 2014 (check your tax bill) and I’m wondering where all the money is going.

  2. So we all vote 55 down, our taxes will go down?

  3. Come on yawl can Ford a little bit more for the kiddos.

  4. Okay let’s be real now.

    Proposition 55 extends the income tax on the top 2 percent of wage earners in California. We all know that Matt is a spokesperson for the wealthy and well connected but the fact is that 98 percent of Californians will not be touched by this 12 year extension. The sales tax provisions of prop 30 do expire but Matt forgot to mention that.

    Bottom line Matt’s employers are like the Donald and probably pay nothing in federal taxes so it seems fair that they help us invest in our poorest children for school and healthcare.

    • Au contraire. I don’t claim to be a spokesperson for anyone, but I do believe the law and the government should treat us all equally, regardless of our race, color, religion, class or income. “Oh Please” is a progressive who sees the “wealthy” – i.e. a successful Californian making more than $260K annually – as sheep to be shorn. “Oh Please” thinks they have “too much” money – according to his progressive lights – and so he and his comrades have the right to use governmental force to take as much money from “the rich” as they please and make “better” use of it.

      Progressives believe they can continually escalate income tax rates and the targets of those rates will simply sit still and take it. News flash – they can move to another state. The steep progressiveness of our state income taxes is a major reason for state budget volatility.

      Furthermore, we were promised these taxes would be temporary, and intended only to restore state finances. You and Ruelas and your union allies are breaking that promise. Why should anyone believe anything you all say?

      The state has a budget surplus. State spending – especially on education – has surged since Prop. 30’s enactment. The state government has sufficient revenue to meet its responsibilities. You and Ruelas and the rest of the liberal special interest crew should focus on improving the massive, dysfunctional public education system over which you preside (more money isn’t the solution) and stop trying to confiscate the private wealth of this state for the government.

      • If I was fortunate enough to earn over 500k (in married) so that’s where this would hit me…I would gladly pay a little more to help people like Ryan do the hard work in the trenches. The work that public school teachers do is beyond admirable – just think about it, most of us can barely stand out own children when they are teens, let alone 200 + everyday.

        • Great – then you could write a check. Don’t conscript the rest of us.

          Teaching is a noble profession – but last time I checked, no one is forced into it. Everyone goes into it knowing the compensation – which is good. Plus, the ridiculous teacher tenure laws make it extremely difficult to fire bad teachers. Tell us again how that helps “the children”? You do support teacher tenure reform, don’t you “Oh Please”? And expanding parental choice? Or giving school vouchers to poor children who are trapped in lousy schools?

          Just trying to get a sense of whether your compassion and social conscience extend beyond income redistribution.

          • Yes. I do believe in tenure reform. As does Ryan. The small percentage of bad teachers make all the good ones look bad and yes I would much prefer vouchers over unregulated charters that will waste millions before people figure out it’s all a scam. Out public school teachers take all children even those that are right out of juvinalle Hall or facing severe special needs. Don’t you think any school funded with public money should face the same regulations?

            • Ah! So you support the Vergara decision! I assume Ruelos does too, since you seem to be his spokesperson.

              I’d be interested to hear how his fellow members of the CTA State Council react to his pleas for teacher tenure reform.

  5. Tax Socialist Latinos’ income on cash wages & money sent out of our country.

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