AnaheimBROS Directed To Cease Using Communist Party Term “Politburo”

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The Anaheim High School Unified School District has directed a progressive student political club at Anaheim High School to stop describing itself as a “politburo” – a term inextricably linked to Communist atrocities world-wide and offensive to Southeast Asian immigrants who suffered at the hands of Communist regimes.

The ostensible mission of AnaheimBROS, an Anaheim High School student club, is combatting “negative stereotypes of young Latino men.” Practically speaking, they’re foot soldiers for progressive political candidates and causes in Anaheim – most recently walking precincts for leftist Democrat council candidate Jose F. Moreno in District 3, and recording anti-charter school videos for YouTube. Ryan Ruelas is their mentor and one of their faculty advisers; Ruelas teaches history, is a member of the California Teachers Association state council, serves on the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education and is leader of progressive political activists in Anaheim.

The AnaheimBROS leaders also refer to themselves as “the Politburo” – as in “Yuri Andropov was the first member of the KGB to serve on the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.”

Here are the BROS making a presentation at the California Teachers Association Summer Institute earlier this month (“politburo” circled in red by OC Daily):

AnaheimBROS Politburo present to the powerful California Teachers Association.

AnaheimBROS Politburo presents to the powerful California Teachers Association.

According to any dictionary, a politburo is the executive committee and chief policy-making body of a Communist Party. It has no other context.

OC Daily contacted Ruelas and Anaheim Union High School District Superintendent Michael Matsuda via e-mail with several questions about the club’s use of the word “politburo”:

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  1. Not really. I’d be pretty sure that they were not using it the Nazi extermination camp sense.

    Similarly, I presume that the use of “politburo” here is tongue-in-cheek. It’s rare that there’s “no other context” in which a term can be used; most terms can be used figuratively or facetiously.

    It’s probably a good idea for them to avoid it, even in jest, though: you never know when someone’s going to write a rabid and hysterical column red-baiting them over it. (The previous sentence is not meant to imply that Matt *actually* has either rabies or a uterus.)

    • Ooooo…”red-baiting”! Way to haul out at that old reliable liberal tool for trying to shut someone up! You forgot to call me a McCarthyite, Greg.

      “Similarly, I presume that the use of “politburo” here is tongue-in-cheek.”

      Of course you presume that. Otherwise you would have to ask yourself some uncomfortable questions and arrive at conclusions that you’d rather not.

      • Matt, I didn’t “forget to call you a McCarthyite”; I simply try to retain my sense of proportion. Your post does not rise to anywhere even near the level of “McCarthyism.” You’re not destroying people’s lives willy-nilly here; it’s the equivalent of the bite of a disease-free mosquito as opposed to that of a crocodile — an irritant rather than a calamity.

        Nevertheless: it IS red-baiting. I don’t even think that that’s reasonably arguable. It’s just not particularly adept, effective, appropriate, or even interesting red-baiting.

        I say that because I presume that even YOU don’t truly believe that the “Bros” are styling themselves as Communists based on this single facetious reference. If I’m wrong there, then you have far bigger problems to address in your life than what term I use to describe your measly sniping.

        • Nonsense.

          You, however, are employing an old progressive tactic of trying to silence conservative critics by accusing them of “red-baiting.” You are blowing off the fact that these students used a Communist Party term to describe themselves for a few years – and their faculty advisor was aware of that fact. Do you think Ryan Ruelas, a history teacher, didn’t know what a politburo is?

        • It’s all in a person’s point of view, whether they see humor or not. Matt spends a lot of time worrying about “leftism” in Anaheim (or at least purporting to.) Hence what seems obviously facetious and hyperbolic to most of us seems sinister and meaningful to him.

          • No, it’s not all in a person’s point of view. The BROS have been calling themselves the Politburo for a few years. They were making a presentation before core members of arguably the single most powerful special interest in California. They bill themselves as serious young men who are serious about their politics and their activism. But you want everyone to believe this is some multi-year running gag?

            I get it – you want to explain it away. And you’ve given it the old college try. But it’s not working.

    • Doubling down on the Holocaust Humor – nice!

      This good with you, Matt?

    • Does this mean agent Cynthia Ward will have to cease disinformation operations in Anaheim?!

    • Jose F. Moreno is a wonderful Communist!

  2. So, does Matt literally also have a “transom” over which the latest missives are flung as in a news shop from days of yore? THERE IS NO OTHER CONTEXT.

    • Vern, I use the phrase “over the transom” figuratively. But that phrase has no ideological context. Politburo does – it is specific to Communist Party leadership – the decision-makers, the policy-makers.

  3. Ryan Rueles is the most disliked member of the staff at anaheim high. Total self promoting pos…administration gives him all the money free time he needs to use the kids for his political purposes. I’m glad you called him out.

    • Teacher huh… those are some strong words… too bad they have no credibility. Why don’t you tell us your name instead of hiding behind a username?

      • I would love to but I work in the district. Rueles has made himself a very powerful person and Matsuda will crush all opposition for him. It has become a very communist style central command type of organization and this article hit home. I really believe that is why Matsuda quickly responded to Matt and told Ryan to change the name.

  4. I’m somewhat notoriously not one to go out and seek interviews when all I could expect is the same denial of wrongdoing, whether or not it’s true. But this is one of those rare examples where it really mightave been worth contacting Ruelas and asking what the hell is up *before* effectively calling him someone who is indoctrinating young men in communist ideology — or whatever you think is going on here.

    If you think about it for a moment, you may agree that it would make little sense for me to try to “silence” you on your own blog. And, in your circles, an accusation of “red-baiting” is not exactly going to hurt you; it might even bring you more business. If it makes you feel any better, though, lots of red-baiting goes on within my own party as well.

    I would not term it a “running gag”, but rather the sort of facetious poking fun at oneself that is fairly common within the supposedly “humorless” left. It’s not supposed to be hilarious, so much asbslightly self-mocking. This was also the case for “PC” before conservatives and centrist Democrats came along and took everything at face value, allowing them to declare atrocities everywhere they lopled.

    This is sort of a cultural difference between right and left – we are comfortable with self-deprecation; you, by and large, are not. (With some honorable exceptions, of course, of which Orange County has an unusually large amount.).

    • Greg:

      In no way have I “effectively” saying Ruelas is “indoctrinating young men in communist ideology.” That is hyperbole of the highest order. I noted – per what Superintendent Mike Matsuda told me – that Ruelas knew his charges were calling themselves the Poliburo. At the very least he did nothing.

      Secondly, I did reach out to Ruelas and give him a chance to respond. The questions in the story were e-mailed to Ruelas, Matsuda and the AUHSD PIO. Only Matsuda replied.

      • I would suspect that by now Ruelas has messages from you routed directly to his spam folder. But if you don’t think that Ruelas was indoctrinating anyone, but simply failed to repress his students self-generated and self-mocking facetiousness, then I think there is little more to say here. As communism is pretty much a dead letter in most of the world today, I hope that Anaheim schoolteachers concentrate more about worrying about students’ dabbling in concepts associated with fascism.

        Congratulations on the scoop, though.

        • “I would suspect that by now Ruelas has messages from you routed directly to his spam folder.”

          Considering I sent it to his AUHSD e-mail, I kind of doubt that.

          In any case, I sent the same e-mail at the same time to Mike Matsuda – in both of their official capacities of district staff. I have been critical of Mike Matsuda’s politics on this blog several times – and he responded to me in a very timely manner.

          “As communism is pretty much a dead letter in most of the world today…”

          Oh yeah…except for China (despite its state capitalism), Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. Oh, and in American universities and at every May Day march and anti-police or anti-Trump protest/riot.

          But except for all that, it’s a dead letter, Greg.

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