Disneyland “Happiest Class on Earth” Program Offers Anahem 6th-Graders Theme Park Tix for Service Projects

In celebration of the conclusion of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration and the beginning of 61 years in the city of Anaheim, the Disneyland Resort announced exciting news for about 5,000 sixth-grade students in Anaheim. For the next 10 years, every sixth-grade student in Anaheim elementary schools will have the opportunity to receive a Disneyland Resort ticket after completing a service project that enriches their school or community.
The program is called Happiest Class on Earth: Anaheim 6th Graders Making a Difference. Disney Ambassador Allie Kawamoto, along with Mickey Mouse, made the announcement to students at Horace Mann Elementary School, who burst with excitement.
Each school will be given a suggested list of actions that students can take individually or as a class. Schools are welcome to determine their own good works to address their needs, from organizing a school-wide playground cleanup to recycling on campus. Students will visit the Disneyland Resort together with their class, as a field trip. See how some of the students reacted in this video.


  1. So lets see, 6,000 tickets x$100. Ea. = $600,000.

    Still not enough for Dr. Moreno though.

  2. Add a food truck with 6,000 Churros, Moreno will be happy!

  3. You can be in charge of the churros and Cunningham the candles and battle to be most offensive people on earth

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