“In November, We’re Going To Turn This City Council.”

As expected, the Anaheim City Council cast the third and final vote on Tuesday to ratify the Reyes Map of six council districts, set the election sequencing at Districts 1, 3, 4 and 5 on the 2016 ballot. Districts 2 and 6 will be on the 2018 ballot, along with one of the four districts up this year – that will be determined by drawing straws after the November election.

Anaheim council districts map large

As reported earlier this week, there will no longer any Latino-majority districts – simply three Latino-plurality districts. That may or may not change in the future with fluctuations in the Latino population of  central Anaheim. The leftist coalition that has been orchestrating the campaign for council districts since 2012 is fine with the situation. While ethnicity has been established as the central organizing principle of election rules in the brave new Anaheim, the political goal of this coalition remains electing progressive (as in left-wing) candidates to the city council.

As Ada Briceno – second-in-command of the militant UNITE-HERE union and interim head of the union’s off-shoot OCCORD – exhorted her cadres after the council vote:

“Our hard work has just begun brothers and sisters,” said Ada Briceño, interim executive director of Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development (OCCORD). “In November, we’re going to turn this city council.”

That is this has been all about, all along. Not the “good government” or “neighbors electing neighbors” pablum served up council district advocates. It’s been about changing the election rules to favor the political priorities of left-wing political interests. Frankly, anyone who denies or dismisses that reality is fooling themselves.


  1. Again, you get what you deserve as a City Council. All this huff and fluff about ethnicity, race etc. for the council. If we voted for the best possible candidates,none of our current members except one would be on the city council. Lefty, righty doesn’t make any difference, if you are a good candidate and none of our current members fit that nor do all of the huff and fluff folks saying we need more minority members on the council fit a good candidate. Sorry in a city the size of Anaheim, you would think that there would be at least six folks that might be acceptable. Have not seen any and the districting is not fair, Get me a good candidate to support and stop complaining.

  2. I voted as an Independent for John Anderson for President in 1980 when I was 20 years old. Then I became a Democrat and voted for Republicans. Now I am still a Democrat and I am voting for Donald Trump!

  3. If Moreno wins, he’s going to need to learn he needs 4 votes to get anything done. He’s not exactly a team player

    • He’ll have two votes locked up with Tait and (to a lesser extent) Vanderbilt. He’ll only need one more to implement his left-wing agenda. Just hope Vanderbilt has the wisdom to see the left-wing agenda Tait and Moreno will be pushing.

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