City Council Votes To Adopt A New Council Districts Map In Early 2016

Ada Moreno council mtg 12-9-15 feature

UNITE-HERE Local 11 honcho Ada Briceno and leftist academic Jose F. Moreno. Briceno is also interim executive director of leftist, Garden Grove-based pressure group OCCORD (which UNITE-HERE funds); Moreno is on the OCCORD Board of Directors.

The Anaheim City Council voted 3-2 to scrap the previously selected council districts map and instead use Citizen voting Age Population census data that will be available next month to create a new map that has two Latino majority districts.

On last night’s agenda was the required second reading for the ordinance for a map of six council districts. In half of those districts, Latinos are a healthy majority of the population. In two of them (District 4 and 5) Latinos comprise a plurality of the voting age population. In District 3 (the Colony and Downtown), they form a majority.

Last month, the city council voted 3-2 to place Districts 1 and 2 (West Anaheim) and Districts 4 and 5 on the 2016 ballot. Districts 3 and 6 (Anaheim Hills) would be on the 2018 ballot, along with one of four districts on the 2016 ballot (via random selection).

The shift to by-district council elections in Anaheim is the multi-year political project a coalition of left-wing interest groups – plus a few Republican collaborators – to produce a Democratic majority on the city council. Anaheim is the largest city on California with a GOP council majority. This coalition had been demanding that all three Latino districts be on the 2016 ballot (with its higher Democratic voter turnout), but only one district in West Anaheim (which has not had a resident elected to the city council in nearly 20 years).

This coalition had a collective conniption when the council voted last month to go with a 2016 ballot of Districts 1, 2, 4 and 5, and flew into an even greater paroxysm of rage after last night’s vote to draw a new map with two, instead of just one, Latino majority districts.

Again, this coalition is concerned with one thing: gaining a council majority that will enact progressive policies of the sort supported by by UNITE-HERE, OCCORD, OCCCO, etc. For this coalition, the terms Latino voters and progressive voters are interchangeable. When they talk about Latinos electing the “candidates of their choice,” they’re talking about liberal/leftist Democrats who happen to be Latinos.

UNITE HERE flunky City Council 12-8-15_3

UNITE-HERE operative coordinating scripted “members of the community.”

In 2013, Anaheim Arena Management, which operates the city-owned Honda Center, fired Aramark and brought food service operations in-house. Since Aramark employees are UNITE-HERE members, employees re-hired by the Honda Center would no longer pay dues to UNITE-HERE. The union wanted the city council to force AAM to hire UNITE-HERE members. The council declined.

UNITE-HERE wants a council majority that will back its demands in disputes with management. Hence its relentless campaign for racially-gerrymandered, by-district elections as the mechanism to (hopefully) produce that majority.  The other left-wing constituencies involved share this goal. They want an Anaheim City Council that will create a mini-welfare state: dictate wages to Anaheim businesses, divert city revenues to fund free day care, shake down private enterprises for “community benefits” in exchange for the privilege of doing business in Anaheim, force the steady unionization of Resort District employees – the wish list of the Left is endless.

The baseless screams of “disenfranchisement” from members of this coalition and their fellow travelers obscure the real agenda, which is political control. They believe having all three Latino districts on a presidential ballot with higher Democratic turnout maximizes their chances of electing progressive candidates who will be sympathetic to their political priorities. If the most unrepresented part of the city, West Anaheim, gets screwed in the process, so be it. These lefties are happy to “disenfranchise” West Anaheim residents, even after spending the last couple of years claiming the fight for districts was the fight to channel more city resources into West Anaheim; that was just a long, Alinsky-ite con.

Kudos to the council majority – not only for calling this con, but for refusing to knuckle under to a left-wing cadre that seeks to dictate policy via mob tactics and litigation.


  1. Longtime Anaheim Resident

    i supported Measure L and M because I agreed it was time for neighborhood representation and I feel totally duped. To hear that Councilman Vanderbilt has moved into my area to run in a district he doesn’t know for political expediency and now to read in the paper that Mayor Tait wants west anaheim to wait even longer because of these kind of shenanigans, leaves me feeling very angry. He lied to the residents of Anaheim. This is not about bringing government closer to the people like he said over and over again. It’s about bringing government closer to the special interests who funded the campaign for L and M. I feel truly sick to my stomach that I ever believed him.

  2. Con game is exactly what the districting campaign has been. All that talk from Tom Tait about bringing government closer to the people and “neighbors electing neighbors” was a big con. Tait knew it all along, and now he’s singing from the same identity politics song sheet as his democratic socialist buddy Jose Moreno. What the hell happened to Tait?

  3. Nice post. Good reminder what all the caterwauling from Moreno/Tait?OCCORD is about: power and control.

    Think about restoring Zenger’s and Cantor’s commenting privileges. They’re fools, but their foolishness can be entertaining. Besides, they’re probably bored at work.

  4. Unbelievable was the parade of Special Interest NON RESIDENTS displaying faux outrage to make their political point.

    I guess there can be no good (Cynthia, Jeff and Greg) without any evil (Disney).

  5. Thank you.

    No dice on Zenger and Cantor. If they want to reinforce each other’s delusions (and Cynthia’s and Greg’s and the rest), Orange Juice Blog is a fertile swamp for such activity.

  6. One Who Knows Something

    So what happens if these Latino districts don’t elect Latino councilmembers? Will Jose Moreno and the ACLU file a lawsuit demanding do-over elections until the voters “get it right”? Or maybe demand that Latino citizens get to vote twice? Tait would back those plays. He does whatever the OCCORD mob demands of him.

    • Nope. You’re being silly and hyper. Whoever wins — without violating election law, obviously — wins. This isn’t about results, it’s about process — giving Anaheim’s Latinos a fair chance that they currently lack.

      • One Who Knows Something

        “This isn’t about results, it’s about process”

        Be honest, for once, Greg. This is ALL about results. You and your lefty friends are frustrated at the lack of results in electing liberals to the city council, so you want to manipulate the process to achieve political results more to your liking.

        • No, anonymous critic who will never be held responsible for his opinions, it is not about “electing liberals.” It’s about Latinos gaining the ability to elect whoever they want, without having their votes shunted aside by the at-large majority, for the same reason that California’s Congressional reps aren’t elected at large (which might make them 100% Democratic.)

      • Silly and Hyper.

        This coming from the man who in spite of INCREDIBLE evidence tried to insinuate that the TERRORIST ATTACCKS in San Bernardino was a gun crime, anomaly or something other than what it was.

        Greg, plays to the band. Dude, could NEVER write is own tune.

        Notice, when shot down he crawls into a hole.

        That’s OK because that’s what he’s here to do.

        • That evidence arrived later. You want credit for jumping to a conclusion and this time being right? You get credit for being too chicken not to change the subject of the conversation.

          • No. “Dr. Diamond”, like always you knee-jerk react to your liberal stance. Further, like always you avoid defeat and criticism of your chosen candidate/view/cause. Most recently Kamala Harris scandalous expenditures (not to mention the reputed treatment of staff and underlings), Cynthia Wards assertion that you are unfit to be around “her” children, SQS’s thumping, Jose Solorio’s pounding……and on and on.

            Greg, the record will show, you are little more than a cheerleader for leftists causes/candidates. We get it, but you are clearly a pitchman for these causes and as a result, can not be objective in debate.

            Yeah, San Bernardino was an act of “gun violence” perpetrated by a trained Muslim Radical, and Islamic Terrorist, who legally smuggled his terrorist wife into the USA to kill more hard working, innocent American’s, who happen to be public employee union members.

            P.S. I want credit for being REASONABLE and RIGHT.

  7. One Who Knows Something

    Grow up and thicken your skin, Greg. Really. You love dishing it out. Learn to take it.

    Latinos have the same vote as everyone else. One man (or woman), one vote. You treat them like a tribe with a single mind, instead of giving them the respect of treating them as the individual people they are. You and the other lefties in that mob are the real racists.

    • “Thicken my skin”? I’M THE ONE WHO USES MY OWN NAME, you onion peel!

      I’ll argue your idiotic points with someone with thicker skin and an actual personal reputation to lose.

      • One Who Knows Something

        Whiner. If I wrote that I think you’re a great lawyer and brave defender of the downtrodden, you’d have no problem with my anonymity.

        • I’d be a little puzzled by it — as in “who is this person and do they want something from me?” —but I might thank you out of politeness without being much affected by it. What I wouldn’t like is inviting the inference that I was engaging is some sort of astroturf PR campaign — as some often do.

          You seem not to understand, though, that I don’t have a problem with anonymity per se. I have a problem with anonymous personal attacks. I do appreciate, though, your limiting yourself to making only a weak one.

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