VIDEO: Jose F. Moreno “Open” To Gate Tax, Utility Tax, Hiking Local Sales Tax and “Split-Roll” Property Tax

One of the questions put to the candidates at the Anaheim Buzz/Anaheim Hills Community Council forum was a speed-round on taxes. They were asked for a yes-or-no response to whether they supported or opposed:

  • Imposing a “gate” tax on entry to Disneyland Resort, Angel Stadium, the Honda Center and other sports and entertainment venues”
  • A utility tax
  • Raising the sales tax for Anaheim
  • A “split-roll” property tax system, i.e. removing Prop. 13 protections from commercial property 

All candidates responded with a quick “non” to each tax…except Jose Moreno. As Anaheim Blog reported earlier this month, the left-wing Democrat responded to each question about imposing a new tax or hiking an existing one with “Open to the idea.”

Here’s the video:

Given Moreno’s clearly stated political philosophy, it’s reasonable to assume that translates as, “I’ll vote for that tax increase if it comes before me.”


  1. I am all for taxes too. I want to tax culpable parents a gangbanger tax!

  2. Stand for Anaheim

    Open to the idea is a sleazy answer. So consistent with how horrible he is. WAKE UP ANAHEIM! Vote NO on Jose F. Moreno!!!!!!

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