Pro-“Occupy Wall Street” Group From San Francisco Gives $20,000 to By-District Elections Campaign in Anaheim

tides center logoThe left-wing campaign to end Anaheim’s at-large council district system and replace it with by-district elections lurched a little further to the Left this week.

The Tides Center, a leftist non-profit based in San Francisco, has funneled $20,000 into this campaign via a new “Yes on L and M” committee set-up by Orange County Congregation Community Organization (OCCCO).  Since OCCCO is located in Anaheim, it creates the illusion of pro-Measure L actually coming from Anaheim for a change, but in reality OCCCO’s committee is just serving as a pass through.

The Tides Center is a truly radical organization. In 2013, it dispensed $70 million in grants in the US, primarily to left-wing non-profit groups. The fact that it is interested in enough in re-structuring Anaheim council elections to donate $20,000 ought to be of deeply troubling to Republicans and conservatives in Orange County. Groups like The Tides Center are diametrically opposed to understanding of the relationship between citizen and government upon which this Republic was founded. For example, The Tides Center is supportive of the Zinn Education Project, whose mission to “educate” young Americans into believing the history of their country is basically a history of not very special country of wealthy, racists white people exploiting and oppressing everyone else.

Here’s an excerpt from a 2011 article by then-CEO Melissa Bradley on why The Tides Center supports Occupy Wall Street:

From the bus boycotts to the Black Panthers, #OccupyWallStreet represents the results of historical marginalization and lack of true representation in the US Congress, on Wall Street, and in local elected offices. #OccupyWallStreet represents the best of American ideals and ingenuity. They are inclusive, intergenerational, focused, and democratic.

As the new Chief Executive Officer of Tides, I am thrilled that #OccupyWallStreet has emerged and continues to grow. Since our inception, Tides has supported such movements. Our commitment to racial, social, and economic justice within healthy communities remains strong after 35 years.

#OccupyWallStreet has the power to amplify and unite the voices of marginalized communities in the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality. Due to the economic recession/depression, massive unemployment rates, and the foreclosure crisis the list of marginalized communities has grown tremendously. With the demise of ACORN, grassroots organizing has been limited. #OccupyWallStreet’s diversity of race, class, and culture truly represents 99%.

As some may know, Tides is part owner in a building just around the corner from Wall Street—55 Exchange Place. There was purposeful intent in having a building located in the historical financial district. Our goal was to juxtapose social change and historical greed to reclaim this space of power and capital aggregation in support of progressive ideas and organizations—from the arts to economic justice, from immigration to reproductive justice.

What happens next?

Apparently, by-district elections in Anaheim is the next phase of the revolution.

OCCCO is generally seen as a group of liberal do-gooders and left-leaning clergy, but this is further demonstration of the political aspect of OCCCO. In 2012, it put $60,000 into the statewide campaign tio increase the state sales tax. Now, it is adding donation-channeling to its street-level activism to alter Anaheim’s council elections to a system that’s more amenable to electing candidates who want Anaheim city government to be bigger, spend, tax and regulate more.


  1. Sick of Politics

    And yet so many conservatives remain silent….

    • Matthew Cunningham


    • I’m not silent. In fact on this very blog (this morning) I said that I think these efforts are probably not even going to work that well for them; that in fact, the Company will just have to break up the money into smaller chunks.

      I don’t know what all the hysteria is about.

      P.S. except for Tom Tait I haven’t seen much conservatism from Anaheim’s electeds so at least you’ve got that irony going for you.

      • I appreciate your self appointed role of arbiter of all things “conservative”

        Are you comfortable in believing you’re the one best suited for that?

      • Quick! Someone tell all these union and lefty PACs that Zenger thinks they’re making a huge strategic error spending so much on Measure L! That’ll make them re-evaluate their strategy.

        And which Tom Tait are you taking about? He’s changed so many positions in the last couple of years.

        • I’m talking about the Mayor. There’s another Tom Tait?

          And be nice, or you won’t get your comment published.

          Oh, wait…

  2. good for the goose

    Apparently Disney has just made a huge contribution to the districting initiative as well. What level of criticism will they receive?

    • gabriel san roman

      The massive contribution from Disney doesn’t fit into this blog’s binary so Matt just posts isolated pdf’s. Disney has also made interesting contributions in the candidate races as well. It knows better and greases all wheels.

      • Matthew Cunningham

        Riiiight, GSR. That MUST be it!

        True, I haven’t posted yet about the Disney contribution to Yes on Measure L. I also haven’t yet posted about the OCEA’s contribution.

        But your claim I “just post isolated pdf’s” is flat-out false. It’s also weak carping given that you have completely ignored this issue.

  3. Sick of Politics

    The pro district crowd apparently is okay with letting disney have it’s own district. That should be interesting.

  4. Where are they spending this money, I have yet to get any mail or see any pro signs around Anaheim?

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